Thursday, January 22, 2009

They're trouble now

Soooo After my last post- I was up way before dawn with nocturnachild.. Ri was going to bed, and we were sooooon to have a new president.

The sun came up, and I started making some banana nut muffins.

They turned out pretty yummy.

Ah, good food- a cure all.
She ate three, and then curled up in my lap as I watched the Inauguration. ....

I guess it isn't really the most interesting thing for an almost 4 yr old.
I stayed up well after she crashed, hugging Ri goodbye and watching the LONG inaugration of new pres Obama - and the freezing people

-Some breathtaking images

It has incredibly ,freakishly, damply, icky- that rare verity of nasty FLA - cold.
My nose is all dry and bloody from the heater staleness.The nocrutnalness was really starting to wear on me. After watching the inaugration- and Ri went to work, I tried my best to sleep. I suck at trying to go "to bed" in the morning, or even afternoon.
Rory and I - NO LIE- slept until 7:30, when the tv in the livingroom autotuned to the simpsons.

Ri only worked at Nalus (the fishtaco stand)- in the morn , So he was home shortly after we woke.
He decided to order in , instead of trying to sort through the bare cabinets.
UGH! The local chinese place that we LOVED, got bought out and is now a very generic chinese food chain... the food is not as good.Its chinese food,which is good... but just not GREAT :( . Rory liked their little spring rolls though.

Oh well, At least I got to catch the new episode of Fringe.

Ri crashed out on the couch , and I cleaned up watching HULU while Rory ran a muck... more tantruming.She gets soo frustrated, and throws her body around demanding things(that often don't make sense) and forgets to USE HER WORDS.
Time out has become all to common for her, and my pateince has been far too tried. I want to run away. Between the kid ,and the dog I am feeling like a pretty terrible failure at this parenting thing lately.

Ri woke up for work, to us still wide awake- or at least Rory still wide awake. She finally crashed around noon...yes.NOON. I went outside in the FREEZING temp with Noobie. Rory's toy wheelbarrel had been full of water, and was instead FULL of SOLID ice- at noon.. Crazy.
A normal place would snow.
I walked around the yard trying to soak in the freezing sun- thinking it might boost my spirts before trying to "nap" in the middle of the day.
-1 to 7pm!, and it made me feel sooo gross.My head hurt all night. I tossed cream of mushroom and some frozen veggies in a pot and made a simple soup for the coooold night. Rory, in a MUCH better mood than the night(day??) before ate two heaping bowls full.
Poor Ri worked BOTH jobs- AND stopped at W/D before home and bought us some goodies- including some super yummy cake batter flavored Ben&Jerry's .
Unexpectidly , Rory crashed early (4 am - woohoo!), and I snuck to bed with Ri.
Awesome.... though the amount of sleep she has had, she also woke early at 7am.
It was sort of nice to wake up in the morning. I feel all refreshed-

Or, I FELT all refreshed. Until:
RI started getting ready for work, and I let Noobie out.I was WATCHING her. She wasn't peeing. I told her "Go pee, it's cold Noobie." -The next thing out of my mouth was 'get way from the fence and go pee" .....and then "GODDAMMIT, NO, NO, NOOBIE - NOOBIE GET BACk HERE!!" Yep, right in front of me,She went right out of the fence with me watching her!! Standing RIGHT THERE. I really didn't expect her to run off on a cold day, with me WATCHING HER out there with her- or she would have been on her harness and tie out. I guess we are going to stick with the harness and tie out from now on,even when we are out there with her.

Stupid dog. Ri chased her down, he was already late for work. She ran clear a mile away, with him behind her- through the orange grove and into the pond.

I am so mad.

Ri gave up and left for work.I was panicing so bad about the damn dog. The whole time I sat here jumping over every noise - and shaking with anger and worry.
So many things can happen to her out here between guntoting hillbillies, traffic, stray dogs,-and THEN there is whatever damage she could do to peoples property, and animal control. Somehow, she decided to be pretty behaved despite not coming when I called her, or being at all obediant.After Ri left,-and I wasn't going to chase her,she stayed mostly in the parking lot next door, and right in front of the house.She happily greeted all the people that came into work at the At&t building,and laid in front of the house.Rory every now and then calling out to her, worried she would get taken to the pound.

I decided to take Rory out to grab some mandarin oranges off the tree. Noobie came right up to play with Rory(not getting near me) . I tried to get Rory to grab her collar..hoping to capture her- but Rory couldn't hold on to her, and she bolted.

Finally. I threw up my hands, and just sat out there smoking a black and mild. Calling out to her with kind words. SHe got closer and closer until she was sitting right next to me. In my mind, while enjoying my smoke, I thought how nice it would be if I could sit out there with Noobs just normal,yanno? With her being obediant- comming or staying when I say. Staying out of the neighbors yards, and not chasing everything in sight. That would be awesome.
She wanted water.She wanted in...she also knew I was one pissed off mommy. I reached out and pet her, and grabbed her collar.
Despite the devil on my shoulder wanting to beat her and lock her in the bathroom-I led her in nicely, and gave her fresh water.I am so glad that is over. I am so glad that she is in safe.

damn,I hope she had fun.

trouble.trouble trouble.

Now this is stuc in my head:

Peace and tofu chicken grease,

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