Thursday, January 29, 2009

You will spend old age in comfort and material wealth.

That is what my fortune cookie said, it must be true.

How to make a Rory happy?
step 1: wake up with her somewhere in the early hours predawn-
step 2: turn on cartoons and share a jones cola with her
step 3: give her homemade Chinese food leftovers for breakfast.

--And, for an added bonus, make yourself a caramel latte ,and put hulu on that episode of Fringe (that one you missed to watch scrubs).

She was cute and cuddly all morning.

To bad our early start didn't pan out to the best day.
I was grumpy, groggy and bored most the day.Rory was being way too demanding about me playing with her ,and giving her constant attention. I never got motivated to get around to the minimal bit of daily chores, I will surely be paying for that laziness today.

Then, when I went to call Ri on his way to work- I got rerouted to the AT&T customer service dept... because, if our bill is even a little late(or if we pay any sort of partial payment grr) they turn off our cells 1st. -grumble-. I had no way to reach Ri, I hoped HE had a way to pay the phone company, before our DSL got shut off, too.

We don't have a house phone(direct dsl plan, and cells), so no cell makes me a bit extra jumpy.

I was bummed because it seemed like such a gorgeous day, and I wanted to go for a walk-but not as much without the cell phone on.
In the end ,it didn't matter, although the sun was still shining the rain started coming down.

I played a bit with Rory, we snacked on pineapples and left overs.. and then she crashed at like 6:30.. I laid down and zoned out with some tv, and by 9 I was asleep ,too.

Ri coming in the door late that night woke me up. He had stopped by his moms and got the phone turned back on, and was also a bit panicky that the net might have been turned off all day(thank goodness for small miracles, I might have went nutso crazy, and walked across the road the the substation to harass the people working had that have happened.)

Ri made pizzas and we chatted some. By the time the pizzas were coming out of the oven Rory woke up. Her, up at 1 am frightened me quite a bit... but after getting her belly nice and full she cuddled on the couch and went back to sleep until 8thirty or so. -- I woke up to the sound of her singing in the living room.

..and rain.
Lots of rain. I let Ri sleep in, he had the morning off for once. He woke up saying how nice it was to sleep in in the rain.

Well , I have MANY MANY household things to catch up on... and I want to start uploading pics of Rory as a baby for my next post
- I still can't believe she will be 4 TOMORROW !!!

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Ms. Burrows said...

Oh how fun, a birthday tomorrow! Sounds like a nice morning. My girls do NOT like to be woken up in the morning. My family are all a bunch of grumpsters early in the day.