Saturday, May 31, 2008

Everyone is grumpy

Hi there,
Its 10 on Saturday electrical storming in the distance- and out of the blue I am fleeing really down.- Alone,bored,blue.
Sorry I haven't got back to this sooner.
Not to you-you don't read this regularly, no one does.
Just sorry I have a bunch of crap to fill you in on.
So lets REWIND

I am not sure when the last time I even posted was-
but here is a pic of the little cherry tomatoes that popped up on their own.
(thats the only way I'll garden)- I keep pondering starting to grow things-but then ,I remember my interest in such projects is short lived- and so would those projects be.

Been a little stir crazy.I keep meaning to go out with the dogandkid,but even the dog is too hot to want to go out with us,she only goes out to GO now,and RUNS back in .
The kid has watched WAY to many cartoons and played way to many video games- though there have been lots of moment of just quiet- self entertained play- I feel a bit guilty over it.
I go through moments of being the domestic goddess and DEEP cleaning EVERYTHING,
nad moments of being the fat lazy housewife and spending the day on my ass looking for crap to do online.
TUESDAY- On Ri's day off we needd groceries BAD- I made a huge list- Rory decided she NEEDED a pink stripy shirt and jewelry to wear.-

Ri had to pick up a car part for Scottie - he ended up going to both advance autos trying to find it- Rory and I waited in the car listening to Hannah montana- i tried to get her on video but I was annoying her.She was GRUMPY and rambuncsious - made shopping a serious chore-

- We had to go to three stores to get everything-
She was SOO hyper in publix she was running around the store being an airplane- She said she "didn't have arms they are wings,and not legs, they were...UM?" and I said ,
"landing gear"
- she "flew' past a little girl at check out and said
" hi , My name is Airplane,and these (moving her legs) are my landinggears"
we went
walmart for cheap bulk stuff,(were the toothless cashier said "yooos don't buy a lot of meat do ya?")
publix for organic and veg stuff,
and save-a-lot 'cause the produce stand was closed
We spent WAY too much money...
and forgot rice.

Ri went over to help scottie with his car most the rest of the night,
ended up calling Gill to help.
Gill & melissa are battling again(always) - ugh.-meh, I might tell you about that later,but really its a waste of brain cells-

So , Wednesday we packed up a picnic with loads of yummy stuff an went to the springs again:
It was crowded- summer has begun. :( an there was a HUGE group of REALLY loud people there.

When we first got there it was kind of warm though and the swim was nice

Check out the HUGE birds waiting to steal from unguarded picnic tables

Rory is swimming AMAZINGLY- she even went in once without her wings on.
Doggy paddling like its nothing- she even went under and held her breath a few times- crazy

Right after this she JUMPED off!

Lotsa wildlife- and again you could hear the Gators - but you couldn't see 'em

She mostly just ate mangos and chips.

It got overcast and COLD - poor Rorys lips turned PURPLE- so we left pretty early. My stomach hurt and I was sick of all the people anyway.
On the ride home-
We saw a big black cock.--really is that a draw to eat chicken? LMAO

We saw a big white one too- at that place that sells all the huge sculptures..I STILL need to pop in there and see if they have a buddha for my yard.
After Ri went to work I CLEANED.. I washed all the furniture and scrubbed the walls, vacuumed everything.
Its still gross.
I NEED a HUGEpretty ,brightly colored heavy duty rug in here to hide it- i want something,like big geometric shaped.
..and slip covers for all of my furniture- I want it something I can tiedye- That would be AWESOME.
Hey if you wanna get me something for my bday.
I NEED BUNCH of house stuff like that..
i'd love new countertops and my walls painted ,too,
and the yard mowed.
--Rory was in a TERRIBLE mood! and tanrumed over EVERYTHING.not getting her pink cup was enough to have her weeping !

Rory's new game is to tie herself up and call for help,I guess from peter pan- she also makes her toys walk the plank.It is a bit unsettling though.
I made 'sghetti and vegmeat balls for dinner.Simple and easy.

Ri came home all pouty- the usual complaint about the sucktasity of his job- and the deadend feeling of it all-
hard not to take offense when he complains about his "life"going no where".

It does suck to be here.
I wish we should be gone so bad. I don't know what we are going to do with Rory fast approching school age- I don't want to be here.Something has got to get moving along.We need to leave here.
He was mostly just sore that Scottie- who he's been driving to work forever now, JUST got his car running..and instead of getting rides to St.A instead of driving everyday(as ri had hoped) Scottie got a place in Stauggy and will never drive ri.
means no after work shift drinks,
and no sleeping on the way...just the same long drive everyday..
Seemed like everyone i knew had a shitty day yesturday.
Been passing out dizzy in my sleep again..
waking up- or not quite waking up right and feeling all disorented..
the other day I thought I needed to get ready to go to work at WD...and was confused by ri leaving for work-

- Yesturday - Ri's mom called and asked if she could come over.
She brought Rory some toys .
Rory tried to make her stay "ALL DAY!!"

Rory showed off all her toys,and her vocabulary.
Rory seemed to be in a better mood the rest of the day. -I think she had finally got the sleep she needed that night.Rory took this pic

I talked libby some last night(and talked to mom for a minute today).
Mom got her "tattoo" for her radiation stuff to start.
- They spent a lot of that day at Aunt Marlas,Libby told me about hanging out with them- had a good time...and convinced them to take one of the kittens they have.
Libby is still saying I am taking a kitten,...
ri is still saying hells no.

Ri came home and helped me make Mex food-mmmm
Vegan even,and whole grain wraps.
Rory only ate taco shells dipped in refried beans,and a bit of cheese and tomatoes, though.
She DID taste everything for us.
She was disgusted by the lemony avacodo that came out of the guac.
they watched "bender" until they crashed-
I on the other hand had trouble sleeping all night.
At 5 am I went to "bed"..but laid there awake most the night.

Didn't do a DAMN thing.
We went outside at dusk for a tiny bit before the bugs came out.
Rory wore her CUTE new Roxygirl board shorts ri's mom found her,,I am SOO going to have to go out and her her a bikini top JUST to go with them.
Rory hardly ate all day- nothing but a few taco shells- until like 10 when she demanded fruit and cheese.
..ok.Well.. I was getting worried.

The good new - the past FEW hours or so that I have been blogging- Rory has been playing indepandantly and tv to go untie all her toys,and do dishes.

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