Monday, July 21, 2008

The build up,and the big finish.

I should have blogged much sooner! Sorry.. Now there is much to share ,
ALMOST can't wait to give you the down low on yesterday..but, I should start out at the beginning ,and you can wait,anticipate the outcome like we did :)
Been kicking around the house..

Eating good and healthy tho- trying to use up stuff in the fridge,can't afford to waste it.
The other day I opened the fridge to find: cloves of garlic,avocado and garbanzos that would be going bad soon...Sounds like its time for avo/hummus..
and hummus guacamole ...oh it turned out sooo good!!

While I was on a streak of bright ideas I decided to drag the old plastic shelf we were using as a night table- because it would make a perfect table for Rory-
Oh, she LOVED it. She also loved the chip things I made,dipped in PB with apple slices to dip too...
she DID not like the garlic in the hummus though-so, I made her a avo-chickpea dip she tried for me.
She loves the little table... she uses it for crafts and snack time. perfect.Why didn't I think of that sooner?!
-we were out of everything Wednesday,because we had spent Ri's day off NOT grocery shopping..
So he ended up having to to stop at wallyworld on the way home- picked me up some YI cream too.. I gave up on home remedies :( .
He made raviolis and we stayed up and watched "clerks .X" the tenth anniversary full cut.- Rory crashed pretty early.
I have been having a lot of trouble sleeping..with my irritation. its been hard to get more than 4-6 hours.Going to bed last and waking up 1st :( .
After Ri went to work Fri, i made some applesauce cinna raisin muffins..Rory was mad they did not include chocochips- of course.
I was sitting here relaxing..when some old guy on a lawnmower rode past the house- didn't flinch to it- there are couple old guys that cruise 'round the neighborhood,and I have seen this particular guy mow the empty lot across the street.
BUT, next thing I know he is thrashing through my yard... Now, my yard (for once) wasn't terribly overgrown.OMG...
not sure how to react to rogue grass shorteners..
Does he know I am here?
Is he doing it just 'cause he likes to mow grass and doing us busy parents a favor, OR is he irritated by our laziness and pathetic unsightly yard?
Well, I decide when he stops I will bring him a glass of ice water,and in case it is the latter of those reasons- I will explain we are busy with young daughter , late schedule,and rarely both home on a nice day to have time..but the guy spins through the yard and drives off without even a pause of his I am not sure where he lives. I wish I could thank him.

Spent too much time on my butt- playing online watching movies, and tv shows.Now that I've found I can watch loads on netflix and HULU.

Rory Tink

(not sure WHY she posed under her trike)

..Ri had really hoped Sari would have the baby on the weekend she was due on like Tuesday.He was told he could be off work that day... I didn't really expect as much,being her 1st kid and all. dunno I didn't think she would have her that quick.
Saturday came and she never did go into labor.Ri grumpily went to work.
I am really proud she didn't opt for the Pit. to speed things up.Saturday thought about going out with mom .. mom & dad decided to go out to eat , and pick us up Sunday instead.

It was looking nice out and me and Rory went out to play.

--- got a vid to resize &upload tooo.. I'll make it its own blog tho-stay tuned.--
It still got stormy.. no Florida summer day would be complete without a little rain. The sun musta done her good.. she came in and napped good. I was able to nap too. I need it after all those four hour "nights".

Sunday morning- Ri's mom called bright and early: Sari (SIL) had went to the hospital-yay labor-... it looked like it would be awhile still though. We rolled over.
They called periodically to update us.
Another morning of me no longer able to wallow in irritation -getting me up at 10 am.
I called my mom to cancel our plans, and got ready to go to Ormand - the same hospital I had Rory in.Ri and Rory however slept in till damn near 2.. despite calls from Ri's mom. They seemed to want us to go- though I wasn't 100% convinced what we'd do with Rory ,not sure if she'd be allowed in the birthcenter part(she was though)
Ri finally got up and ready- his mom calling to ask when we were coming because Saris contractions were close-and she was at 7& they were talking of breaking her water,
-Me ,frustrated.
Before we left RI took noobs out to play for a bit.. Rory ran with them a little too. Rory ended up following Noobie into the house and couldn't find noobs,and noobie HID- actually ducked her head down with a goofy grin behind the chair next to me,and waited for Rory to find her,cutest thing ever.

Sari called while we were on the way- the sing-songy quality in her laboring voice made Ri ask what was wrong-
She was like "Oh, I am GOOD now.. I caved and got an epidural.I am feeling MUCH better.I still feel the pressure but not the pain,I think I had a good anesthesiologist"
Turns out, Sari was in Room 1, the SAME room Rory was born in.

Sari's contractions still hard- had slowed down A LOT with the epi.. She was stuck at 8 (or almost 8) for a long time... and not progressing much.He doc didn't seem rushed- the nurse would call and ask about breaking her water, and he would say "we can wait."

We(Rj& ri) got lunch at panera bread. Sari said they are going veg -to eat healthy after having the baby...and that all she wants is a strawberry smoothie...but she couldn't have anything but crushed ICE.

They encouraged Ri's older sister to hold off on coming.
Ri was sent out to help RJ install the carseat.
Rory was far better behaved then I expected.

She had a blast playing hide and seek with her Grammy outside the hospital during one of the checks for Sari/cig breaks for Ri's mom.
...we also let Rory eat FAR more junk than she usually gets.

We got kicked out for another check ( we didn't wanna stay :) )- and decided we would ride around daytona for a bit... Rory wanted to pick out a toy: "for Lily to slobber on" --
According to Rory small babies slobber on everything,and say "ella ,ella"
Unfortunatly, it was almost 7pm ,and everything in daytona closes at 7 on Sunday-INSANITY, I tell you!
We ended up walking around target until Rory got unruly. Rory did pick out the appropriate baby slobber toy.

I took a pic of the storm developing in the sky over Sari's room when we got back.We knocked on Sari's door- figuring not much had happened. RJ came out and told us it would be soon now, and we couldn't come back in. We hadn't passed their parents(Ri's Mom, or Rj's mom) -so we didn't know.. we found them getting coffee.
We went to the BIG waiting room ... Ri mom had found Rory some ice cream .
and we waited. Ri's mom sad she had left her cigs in the other room..
Nice big waiting room with cable, the only magazines were religious pamplets and a highlights magazine.. "what do you expect from an adventist hospital" Ri said.
I am SOO sad i didn't bring the laptop though- as the hospital has free wifi!

We saw Sari's DR come in.
We left Rory with Ri's mom a moment and went out to smoke a black&mild.. and had a real good laugh at the ODD freaky people hanging outside the hospital who were also getting a smoke.

We know its close now... we saw the BIG lights go on through her window when we were outside-
Ri's mom went to the room.. she was able to sneak in to get her cigs.She had really hoped Sari would want her in the room,but she didn't -She said Sari was pushing!
Rory reads up on religion- actually she made up a story and pretended to read it to us from the book.

. .. we were wrong about it being "close" despite the big lights on,and her pushing.. it was still a couple hours.We were all getting very nervous.

We saw the doc come out. 'round 11pm he said "she did good" and was followed by RJ.Who had pics and said Just Lynn -Ri's mom- could come in... but did show us pics. Lily 8lbs 14 ounces!!
-out of teeny little Sari. She looks JUST like Sari. She has that Sari pout- soo cute.
The let Rj's mom in next..
and then we all came in,

Rory said: "Oh! I will love her forever!"

The HUGE smoothie Ri ran off to get her- he even had to convince the DD lady to turn the machine back on for his postpartum baby sis.

The flash- and lack of boobie- was irritating the babe-

Rory took this last pic- i made her turn off the flash

Sari wanted to nurse-but was uncomfortable with everyone there.. I completely understood.I told her it is awkward at 1st but PROMISED she will get more comfortable, Ri's mom didn't quite understand why she couldn't be there to help her breastfeed...but we all left and sent a nurse in- telling Sari she could call me anytime she wanted breastfeeding advice. but she has to stay in the hosp. , for 48 hours- and the LC there is WONDERFUL- i doubt she will need me for advice anytime soon, I am sure she will be fine if she is determined enough.

We headed home.Rory wanted fries but Bk was closed.

stopped in at wally world to get a meat snack for the dog -like we promised.. and realized how hard it is to find organic farm raised meat.. :( I dunno what to do I feel soo guilty supporting factory farms ,but Noobie NEEDS meat.
..we ended up finding some frozen salmon and buying that.
We also made Rory happy with some 96cent Hannah montana magnets.

-- Ri is off tomorrow and I promised I would clean the house, 9 pm and haven't even started... so i really should go.

----ps. I am HOPING sari won't mind I posted these..

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tata said...

Congrats on the new niece! SIL and baby are just beautiful :) They are both very lucky to have you and your BFing experience for support!

I love the pic of Rory under the trike. That is so dern cute!