Friday, July 11, 2008

Oh, dear your god! So much appitite,work and cleaning

-- and so little to to do it all with.

1st things 1st- does this look orange to you??? Tell me its red!

It was 6 am - I was brushing my teeth getting ready for bed and in my orange shirt it sure looked orange.

We didn't do much of anything on Ri's days off.Watched some banned cartoons,and destroy the house in search of his car keys- he had been using mine all week. -Which didn't have a gym key,and were a total pain. I had cleaned the kitchen and the living room -everything apart and back together and never found them.
Wednesday night -I was in the middle of destroying the bed the other night looking for them, when Rory(who I had JUST told I couldn't play with her until I found them) - grabbed them off the bottom of the weight machine in the bedroom..and told me she had: "put them there for safe keeping, can we play now?"
Wednesday morning - when we were still in search of the keys we debated about how bad the backyard needed mowed, and laundry needed done.
I decided I would mow - I need the exercise anyway. So ,he would organize all the clothes, fold it all and hope to find his keys in there, and do the dishes.
1st- I had to pick up GD Styrofoam that had got all over the yard out of a box I had thrown out that blew around the yard!!
OMG- I thought I would never get it all up... and while I was out there I noticed that far corner of the yard covered in oak leaves was also completely infested with bugs(of all kinds)! OMG!! I had been wondering how all my cleaning, all our bug spraying, and traps we still managed to have a few bugs.. and now I am shocked we have it as much under control inside the house as we do! I freaking hate Florida!!!
-- I told Ri we have no option but to get the yard sprayed.That is too much.I don't know how we will afford to do it,but we will have to. -sigh. ( I did go out yesterday and shovel /rake up as much of the dead leaves as I could into a pile-gross- and hopefully we will get a burn can and clean up back there) --
So.. I mowed the yard.
Oh, dear BOB- I thought I would die. I really think I have asthma. My face turned purple. At one point half way through,overheated and far too nauseous I came in and laid on the floor until I stopped spinning... but I HAD to finish.UGH. I am seriously out of shape.Ri says I am whiny..
MULCH lady!!

I am STILL covered in bug bites.

The yard looks MUCH better though,huh?

I am just as shocked as you are that the 'maters are still growing.- I did weed this out a bit better yesterday too.
Rory didn't wanna stay out long.Came in and ate Popsicles.
The cupboard- Oh My BOB! How do we go through sooo much?? Its like there is an extra person in the house, I can't figure out how we go through soo much lately and it is all sooo expensive..
Ri manages to make healthy dinner from NOTHING though. I dunno how he does it!We needed healthy dinner too cause Rory had been snacking all day.
Ri went to the store and got a soda so we could have some drinks.Rory ate loads of extra veggie mix in hopes he'd get her something special, he came home with vanilla cookies.
Ri got DRUNk! I was barely tipsy- poor Ri puked "like a freshmen" lol...He had drank irish whiskey ,and raspberry vodka..he said it was like and Irishman and a Russian were brawling in his stomach.
Poor guy, I know he was hurting at work.Rory stayed up all too late playing on noggin. I ended up tirning everything off and making her go to be- I knew she was tired.
I was sooo exahsted the yesterday I ended up taking a nap on the couch.

I did go play out in the yard with them for a short bit.- and clean up back there more.

I made lentils and rice for dinner-- Ri stopped in at walmart and bought some more food.Rory has been eating everything in sight! must be a growth spurt. I can't believe how much she ate last night...and this morning she has already ate half the fruit Ri brought home last night.

I am off to go clean, and do laundry.. it NEVER EVER ends ,does it?


sandra said...

I swear we cracked out of the same nut.. My yard, if i had one would sooo look like yours. Actually everything written in this post sounds like my life!

Thoughts and Things said...

I love reading your blog, it's a long descriptive story to enjoy!

My face would get that red if I was hot, you look like the yard kicked your butt!

Love the pics of your little one and her pool, her pool looks like it's waiting for a chance to leap away :)

babyhellfire said...

LOL - thanx both
- I have felt that way reading yours tooo Sandra! --I think our kids are all too common as well.

-blush- thanks I LOVEEEEE you blog too!

MaWhit said...

Frontal hair looks red to me. :)

babyhellfire said...

Thanx Whit!- The red has def faded..and I dunno how much I am loving it anymore- PLUS I have wayyy dark roots now.I thought I would like the way it would grow out and be red at the ends--but now I am not sure.Glad you see red lol