Monday, July 28, 2008

Storms,wild turkeys,bad accents and a story all in a days work.

Look - Wild turkeys hanging out in the front yard.

How to stall dinnertime:

Afternoon Storm:


Yesterday- I made some really yummy whole grain muffins,.. and after G&M left last night Ri DID make the pasta I had been looking forward to all day.
My eyes have been really bothering me- the other night i almost went into a panic. I guess it was a migraine- I don't really get those. I guess I should get my eyes checked. I probably DO need glasses. :( ...or at least to stare at the monitor less.
Rory has been really bugging me with her new accent. She adds a Y to middle of every word- sounding annoyingly country,no one she knows talks like "thayat" - I keep correcting her.

Today-Its been a really yucky day.feeling gross from last night

Odd though, Should have been a nice day.
My diva cup came in th mail JUST beating in AF.
My recycling ACTUALLY got picked up with week. Rory had a tea party and a long nap and was thrilled Ri burnt "cats&dogs" for her. I have felt crappy and lazy.
I should have done soooo much.... I didn't.
Ran out of TP-
and Ri just called and told me he got a 90 $ ticket because of the dim taillight.

I have a dentist apt tomorrow,and Ri wants to go somewhere.
I should do some laundry, and make some food.


Meredith said...

You and I can be dentist twins. I go tomorrow at 2pm. I'm actually looking forward to it, though, as I hope it will end this constant pain I've been in since I got this tooth pulled. Grr.

Those turkey's must know you're veg. :P

tata said...

How cool that wild turkeys gather in your yard. I haven't seen one since one day we traveled to Otter Creek several years ago.

I'm sorry about Rory's accent. Joy did the same.@#$!.thing about that age and it drove me nuts, too.

Oh and I *hate* the dentist.

Thoughts and Things said...

Ah the life of a mom and wife! Never a moment with nothing to do, or at least, think about doing. :)

I cracked up at your description of Rory's accent, that is really good, I would have had a hard time explaining it so well. I'm sure she'll grow out of it, and one day you'll ask her to say "that" and she will, and you'll miss "thayat" I promise. :)