Sunday, July 6, 2008

You scared me two times

No luck Chuck.
Starting to feel like this guy today:
fail owned pwnd pictures
see more pwn and owned pictures

Fair and balanced just seems all too fair.- that would never happen on foxnews-
I am grumpy. :(

I cut the ball of my foot open on a toy on the floor last night, the cut is DEEP .
Though, at the same time I did fix the "Aurora ball" -its a night light like thing that puts northern lights type colors on the ceiling.-- I tried to google it ,but can't find it to show you.I changed the bulb. It's cool. Rory LOVES it.

Yesterday ,when I made chocolate chip oatmeal wheat pancakes- the kid suddenly wanted pancakes-
I used too much soy milk,, not only did I use too much- I used ALL of it.
Today, it is stormy ,and nasty, and all I want is some nice coffee, or hot cocoa. -sigh-

I have been lazing around eating too much. I am out of shape, I hate it.
I still weigh 145- which isn't terrible,but it isn't great either.
I am more upset about where the fat is than the number on the scale.Most upset by the unhealthy feeling of not doing anything .
I planned on doing some exercise today- BUT my foot has me limping to do anything I plan on doing some floor stuff though.Limits cardio though.
I want to cry. Today ,is one of those days I dislike myself.Pain makes it so much worse.

Last night the MIC on Ri's phone went out-
Luckily ,he just got that phone and it is covered.So they are sending him another, he can still use bluetooth in his car- still sux not being able to chat with him while he is at work.
He did finally order the body jewelry we've been eying.Hope it comes soon :)

Rory the cuddlebug is feeling seemingly HEAPS better-very loveable as well,
Unfortunately ,she has also been a pouting tantruming brat baby all morning.
-Her mouth , I swear. she is HILARIOUS she says the cutest things. ..but she balances it with getting frustrated, or tired, and saying things like "I won't look at you ANYMORE!!"

We've been playing candyland - she cheats..but she also doesn't want to win ,as much as she just likes going to certain spots. lol.

I have lots of cleaning to do today- I did a bunch yesterday, in the kitchen/ laundry dept- it was made a bit better by having some great phone convo's in that time -- with everyone except Ri, -sigh-
Today, I need to work on the living room/ bedroom areas that I have been neglecting, and while I know, I know, it wouldn't be near as much work ,if I didn't neglect it in the 1st place.I still end up doing it every week.
Promises to be extra fun while limping.
Maybe ,one legged vacuum pushing is good cardio?

I have been soooo tired I have been sleeping crazy hard and having weird dreams. Most of which seem to involve -in one weird way ,or another - being in a strange old persons suburbanite home.
WTH does that mean?

I am gonna take a vid of Rory talking and add it to this post...
UGH one minute she is crying and FREAkING because I told her "NO"- and then she is climbing on me. I think she is over tired the past few days- its really frustrating for us both.

Off too do all that stuff I shoulda been doing while I was blogging about it.
On the brightside- perhaps writing it out here will force me to actually do it.

At least her spirit seems to be lifted with the aquadoodle ,paintbrushes,and some water.
She has been soo creative lately that seems to be the only way to get her to stop fussing or getting into things lately.PROJECTS..or "craps" as she used to call them.

Edited to add!---
yeah, one more karmic balance blessing.. my short lived period.and lack of cramping did not go without balancing blessing--
I just found doggy vomit complete with odd silicone looking substance in Rory's room...
Noobs devoured my diva cup.(I had left it on the sink in the bathroom) I am seriously crying over it.
-- a diva cup for those not in the "know" is a menstrual CUP
I will have to replace, thinking I may get a moon cup instead this time.
-- oh and that fail pic to the top, gotta have a lil sumptin sumptin for the icanhascheezeburger fans who get lost.LOL


Thoughts and Things said...

I love reading your stuff. It's how my whole life feels, just bee-bopping from one little moment to another!

When your daughter said something about school, and you said she didn't go to school, and she gave that a pause, then flipped up that second finger and continued I just burst out laughing. She's adorable.

My Jo (almost 4) and Car (1) were both standing here watching her, they are very interested in movies of kids on the computer, and apparently not just of themselves!

Thoughts and Things said...

On the soup thing, I think velveeta is really gross, I have been off the fake cheeses for a couple years now, but the soup was good.

sandra said...

Oh dear bfh, your diva cup? ohhhh fluff that really sucks. Let me know if blogging about the things you have to do really helps, i'm a MAJOR procrastinator too... I love Rory.