Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I took a gamble and Rory got all the chips

Ohhh You're in soo much trouble.... I took tooo many pics today.
It was such a great day after i finished blogging.
The sky was beautiful at 1pm..and despite the 50% percent chance of rain I woke up Ri ,asked him if he wanted to try go swimming..Decided to go to the beach.I got everything ready and let them sleep in a little longer:
Snacks..Rory still says we NEED chips to go to the beach.Rory was NOT happy to be woken up.When I put on her suit she was disappointed we weren't going to Vals to swim.

Rory belted Hannah Montana in the car.

(I got a vid too- I'll try to add)

Started to wonder about the weather
It cleared up pretty quickly...

The drive to Flagler beach is actually pretty scenic. Through old farms
CLEAR Skies!!!

Cows- the way they should be....I was confused by the animal right activism that cows are "always" kept inhumanly in little stalls- I had ever seen that out here(though I beleived it happened).. it wasn't until our road trip and we saw these huge dairy/beef farms with miles of packed in cows-right here in america- WHY??? disgusting.

Ri singing "dear prudence" to Rory
chip stop

She picked out spicy chips(Ri warned her they would be spicy),and we ended up making another stop for not so, spicy chips..I figured she had a healthy snack with her chips,and to her its special to get chips when you go to the beach.- she also asked about my mom all day.She knows my mom loves the beach.She wanted to go to her house after the beach.
-still clear!!!

It was GORGEOUS actually.NEVER seen FL beach water sooo clear.Rory didn't stay long to snack - she was off to the water as soon as Ri went.

The waves were pretty big, and the current was pretty strong- but it was soo nice to swim. Rory is swimming so good.Even holding her nose and asking to go under waves.
-speaking of,Ri wrote his cuz (who teaches kids to swim) and asked her about teaching Rory.

--She got a bit up her nose and decided to build sandcastles with me for a little while.
Ri went back out and floated along.The sand was perfectly moldable-not to wet or dry.

We switched and I want out for a great swim ,too---body surfed on the waves got pretty beat up by one of them lol... They were pretty forceful waves.. they got stronger as the tide came in.

Lots of critters though..There were jellyfish too-but we are pretty sure they were moon jellies that don't sting.The ones we saw and washed up didn't have tentacles to sting anyway.

Rory mermaid

We went back out and had a big swim too- Rory had sooo much fun she hugged us and told us she loved us. She was squealing she was so thrilled,and splashing pretending to be a mermaid.With the big waves.They got scary forceful though. Rory had a mini wipe out sitting down on the surf and a little wave knocked her over- I scooped her up but it scared.. not too bad she went back in a little later.
All the little baby boys on the beach were trying to play with her- she kept ignoring them though.. One little boy(his dad told me he was 15 months) Rory ended up playig with right before we left-Soo cute he wanted he to stay :( I always end u taking her away right when she makes friends. While we were walking back to the car she told us, "he thought I was his girlfreind".
Ri asked if i wanted to go to Washington Oaks- it wasn't terribely far from were we were,and closes at dusk so we headed that way.

It was open... but there was no one at the office and no way to pay -yet the gate was all open.. odd. Ah well.. I LOVE Washington Oaks - it will always hold a special place in my heart since we planned our wedding for there..even if we did just end up eloping.It was of course empty.. so hot and muggy that the garden wasn't quite at its peak- Rory loved all the flowers though. Always frogs in the old systirn

Rory wouldn't walk over it- I can't say I blame her

There was a little snake in the path , Ri spooked it to get it out of the way, couldn't tell what kind it was. there was a squirrel farther down the path..neither felt like they should have to move out of the path lol
Well... my lovely new yeast driven garlic before bed habit- has ME not being the one running out of the place covered in bug bites!The bugs started swarming.Rory and ri got bit-I never did. we headed back for the exit.

Sooo- we headed towards st.auggy.
i LOVE this streath of highway.

Marine land-sigh- whats left of it.
The dome home- i think they rent this out

Rory REALLY tried to stay awake-

Ri is freinds with the owner of Nalus(or his wife).. and had a gift certificate- So we stopped in for a "pipeline" and a "gulf of mexico"-Freaking awesome!

Rory woke up for food.She wasn't convinced about the quesadilla.. then she tasted it "It tastes like mac and cheese!!!!" She ate almost all of it!It came with a side of plain tortilla chips ...we let her have some.

-Shoulda stopped into that crescent beach shell shop for my online friend..I dunno if it was open. I will have to remember to go next time we are in crescent beach.

Ah.. one more Florida thing-
hastings Bulls-hit ranch... you know you love the name:

mmm MORE chips. LOL.

Ri stopped and got Noobs a hamburger- and tried to take Rory to the pottty- he said it was the most disgusting bathroom ever, and then rory decided she didn't really have to go.I started falling asleep in the car- Rory was again sillily singing to her hannah montana CD.She was rocking out LOL.
We showered and Ri heated up dinner.Rory was soo helpful.She set the table and helped him microwave the butter for hunny butter biscuits.Then, over tired and hungry threw yet another dinner table tantrum. I told her to go to bed if she was that upset.She did- almost crashed..then came out to eat her biscuit.Ri and I actually coaxed her to eat-he literally ended up spoon feeding her BUT --- she ate her entire plate of dinner!!!!!! Veggie soup brown rice - and a treat of honey biscuits! that is awesome!for her.
Everyone is way asleep now.. and I should be ,too.NIGHT!


tata said...

Great pictures! Sounds like a very good day - thanks for sharing it :)

Thoughts and Things said...

What a fun day! I love your little daughter as a mermaid! Love the pics of her in her carseat too, she's adorable! We need to go to the beach again ourselves soon, either up a little here in NC or down a little in SC.