Sunday, July 13, 2008

Lazy Sunday Vids for Lissy

..and baby Airi.

At their request.
Before bed:

This afternoon(long- but worth it)

Not been up to much of anything. Plurking around..
Staying up late spending quality time with Ri, watching movies.
Robin Williams must haves
"what dreams may come" enough to make you cry, and hug your loved ones extra hard(we watched that Friday night)-What Dreams May Come

& "Death to smoochy" with Ed Norton and the best one liners ever!!(watched that last night)

Last night,I reused the leftover lentils ,and made an Indian inspired dish.. for dinner.Rory pretty much ate plain lentils"baby beans" . and sweet potato fries instead.
She LOVED the sweet taters tho.

She has also been delightfully self-entertained lately.
Playing with her toys- not paying attention to tv, internet, or video games.
-- the opposite of me- I have been watching beautifully mind numbing TV shows on HULU,
well I DID watch 30days there,thats somewhat enlightening intelligent tv,right?

Rory HAS, however, spent most of the past few days playing ON the dog
..who, for some reason seems to be encouraging it- practically laying on her, and into whatever toy she has.
Usually , the kid bothers the dog- collar pulling , climbing on, dressing her up, having her eat cheerios -what have you--I tell the kid "no" and the dog wonders off to be left alone.
The "no" doesn't work near as well, when the dog seems to enjoy and encourage her to dress her up, or share cheerios.

She has also been sleeping fantastically!!
Went to bed at 12 last night-and similar the night before..and stayed in her bed asleep all night.
I, on the other hand, had had tooo much coffee..and didn't sleep well at all.
..but at least I got to hang out with Ri and watch one of our fav movies. :)

...I do think Rory's HUGE appetite lately has been a growth spurt, though it doesn't LOOk like she has grown,to me
- she seems to have that just got an inch longer/taller clumsiness that comes with growing,and has managed to knock over and spill a surprising amount of things.
- She just wouldn't be my kid if she wasn't a little klutzy.

SOoo anyways,
I'm outta here-well I'll still be "here" but not on my blog..
feel free to call me (if you know the digits) - free weekends!!


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Thing said...

Adorable girl, she must take after her mother.