Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fort Matanzas,shopping, and some chores

UGH. I am exhausted!I've been pretty productive today
Woke up early this morning and mowed the front yard- the afternoon storm started at noon and kept me from getting to the backyard.Ri cuddled in bed with Rory while I mowed. I came in and Rory laughed at how dirty I was and told me to get lost 'cause she was watching movies with her . I did cuddle with them for a little while after my shower.Rory woke up super sweet and cuddly.. I tried to wake her and Ri up before I went to mow the yard,too ,but she just told me to give her kisses back .
Ri went to work-he really wanted to stay home though. I did that yoga workout I found on youtube- jeez! that was a harder one than expected.
Made some AWESOME vegan cupcakes:

and started cleaning.Even got through the whole pile of laundry ,while having a dance
party with Rory.

Yesterday- our Sunday -- was Ri's day off. We had planned to mow the yard then- but it was NASTY stormy all day. We had to get groceries. I was stressed. I felt all anxiety attachy for some reason- the whole shopping on a budget thing is getting to me.. and RI and it feels almost like we are having trouble communicating or different ideas of budget cutting-like if it is cheaper to buy this-than that or not buy it at all.Whats needed and not is such an ISSUE that I want to vomit. I long for simple household items ,and worry about things like maple syrup.PLUS. I can't effing figure out where shit is going- why it feels like our groceries are more and more expensive and running out faster and faster.

We ended up going to walmart and shopping. Rory was -fairly-well behaved- not like she was Tuesday(I'll get to that) ,but good.She kept fussing for cookies ,and junk.She was a bit stir crazy, and overtired.Doing that country accent too.
We DID use our cloth grocery bags in walmart for once though- that always seems like such a hassle there that we don't usually.the cashier didn't seem to bothered by it either :) .

Went to publix for the last few things- wallyworld doesn't have.We didn't get much there at all- and Rory was much better behaved with a car cart and a free cookie. We weighed ourselves- OMG I weigh 147 and half. WELL over a weight I am comfy with(closer to 135),regardless of the fact that my weight fluctuates wildly between 135 and 145 and AF was in town- THAT is too much, I know I have gained weight ,and not the muscle weight.(usually scale numbers alone don't phase me) I FEEL the weight I have gained.I need to step up my activity.

Ri made manacotti when we got home- we still had ricotta left over from my lasagna endeavor.Rory bounced off the wall and helped Ri make dinner- and some tea( found out she prefers her tea hot NOT iced!!)The manacotti was sooo good- and Rory actually loved it. Ri had cut strips of the the extra pasta and put it in sauce in case she didn't like it that way- but she tasted it and all her food (in hopes of some chocolate chips for dessert).Ri and I stayed up after she fell asleep watching movies.Not tooo late though because of my lawn attacking plan.

Tuesday- our Saturday - and what an awesome day!.. well maybe not the dental visit part.
We had been talking about visiting Fort Matanzas for awhile- its free and thought Rory would enjoy the boat ride. So we decided we would head straight there after my apt.We had stayed up WAY WAY too late Monday night( practically stayed up until my apt)-Rory and Ri dozed in the car while I got a super quick spot filing.I think he actually had four peoples appointments going at once. Crazy quick.Spent most of the rest of the day with a numb nose and upper lip... My dentist REALLY makes sure I am numb. I slept most of the way there. So did Rory. It was still fairly early when we got there - and would be another hour until the next boat.So we explored and went on the trail a bit.Rory was soo awesomely behaved.Despite being tired, and a little hungry- which is usually such a BIG BIG no-no for her. She was soo sweet and fun- she did ask for fries quite a few times- and we promised we would get her something special for being soo good even though she was sleepy: LOVE wild oaks!

Rory thought this mushroom was soo neat.
And "you have to take a picture of this leaf daddy!"

She was really into all the different leaves on the "trail"
It was far more crowded than I have ever seen it. Its usually pretty dead - Ri said the same thing about how every time we have been before it been pretty much just us.This time there was a line waiting for the ferry/boat well before the 30 mins after the hour when it boards.
This guy was soo cool- while we waited for the ferry across to the fort he told us all about the fort and the story of Jenkins' Ear made our wait in the muggy Fl midday heat quite a bit more interesting.

There were a bunch of little crabs all over the ground outside the fort.Rory was like "don't put me down"

Once you got in you can go up this teeny claustrophobic ladder to get to the top. All the kids we lined up and one kids grandpa, and another kids mom-differnt groups had got together and were spotting all of them up it- Rory rushed to be one of the "kids",she was the smallest one and loved it... it was really sweet.
She did not however like being up there once she saw it.

I think the only thing Rory liked up top was the teeny flower growing out of the wall.

- I have nt figured out why Rory thinks checkers is soo neat. i am going to have to learn to play just to teach her how tho.
The uncomfy fort beds
After the ride back - it was a nice ride with a little breeze. I think Rory liked the boat ride the best.- we decided we'd head for flager beach , and look for food on the way.We didn't find any- and since we PROMISED Rory fries(she has been asking for fries since Lily was born- Bk in particular).. we decided we would check the nav and go to Bk,a rare treat..well we get all the way there.. and burger king is under construction!!So we check out the plaza next door. --
We spot a little bistro coffee shop- and decide to take a chance. Their menu has pannini's and pirogies!! HEAVEN. ...and yes, they had fries. Nerve wracking at first step in the door. This place- is NOT kid friendly.TEENY little glass top tables and tiny cushy plush seating,luckily it was mostly empty-and even more amazing, Rory was a perfect angel. They have wifi and the coffee smells incredible(we didn't get any tho) .
- oh god ,how i wish such a place were nearby...and yet not- I would be soo broke.
After our lunch- we hit the beach only for a bit ... we were worn out,and a storm was coming
The water was surprisingly COLD ,too.Rory and Ri got a great swim in- I got in only to my waist LOL.
Rory was soo big and cute on the way home

Watching the storm

We got home before it was even 6pm and ended up sleeping most the day and night. It was well worth it tho.

So , anyway.
been talking to Lissy and I guess she will be heading back into FL soon. ah, stress- such fun.

Ri is on his way home talking of making some yummy dinner. :) ..and Rory surprisingly crashed out while I was finishing this... guess the sugar high from those cupcakes wore off.
I have more dishes.


tata said...

Well I can't say for sure why your food is going faster, but trust me girl, it *is* more expensive. Let's thank the price of gas for alladat :P

And WTH! I am very, very good about taking my Wal*Mart brand (hey - they were cheap!) cloth bags but the Wal*Mart cashiers always grumble and eye-roll about it. Stinkin' bitches! I miss Publix. Much, much cleaner!

As always, great pictures. Rory is more darling in every one of 'em.

babyhellfire said...

I know -- Bananas are 69 cents a lb!!

We don't usually shop at walmart for our big grocery trip-we avoid it as much as possible-....but with prices so high we have been, I know the cashiers would grumble-and the way it is set up here there isn't even space to do anything but put stuff into the plastic!! DUDE I thought the lady at the door would chase us out! We do always recycle the rare plastic bags we get -they are getting fewer and fewer,at least. I know the local grocery recycles their bags(for the profit) and you can drop off... I LOVE publix and wish I could afford to shop just there... or that the two actual local stores(winn-dixie and save-alot) would have ALL we need.

Thanx tata..

Thoughts and Things said...

Reading your blog, and about your daughter makes me remember fondly the days when I just had my oldest daughter. With just one kid you get to really really focus on them, and then later when you really want to focus on you, it's just one kid to get to sleep!

JACLYN said...

Angela, How tall are you? You're body looks fine to me!

Hope your doing well!


babyhellfire said...

Aww thanx Jaclyn.
I am 5'9.I carry my weight pretty well for my frame- even when I am a bit-fluffy.

tata said...

Sorry BHF, but I tagged you. Come see my blog for details. I love you!!! (Don't be mad!)