Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dogs day out.

The vid of Rory outside the other day- as promised...
note the new painfully fearful thing she is going through.Any mild warning can send her into a panic... we are having to chose our words wisely when telling her why to be careful.

Today-- or,er-yesterday ,now considering it is almost 6 am.- yes, still awake.-yawn. I think I will sleep all day tomorrow..hope RI doesn't mind too much.

Anyway- the other day I had made Me & Rory orange spice pancakes ,with grated carrot- GOOD.. and had saved the extra batter in the fridge.Ri didn't seem interested in them last night- AT ALL. So , when we got up I made them for "breakfast"- Rory loved them the 1st time,and still liked them again. Ri, was REALLY impressed, he was really afraid he would hate them. Ri wanted to go swimming- I wanted to take Noobs this time.
SO we -eventually-got up ,and ready to go to the beach.Perfect beach day - 100degrees out!We did run into a little rain storm on the way... but it was clear at the beach.

see the pelican?

The beach was GORGEOUSLY empty- love that.The current was kinda strong.We had to go further down the beach to get to the dog-friendly spot- even nicer,less people..There was hardly anyone.The spot we found had the remains of a huge abandoned sandcastle- Rory had a blast adding to it.
Oh, there was also a big hole further out someone had dug- it made a teeny tidepool that Rory played in for a LONG TIME.
Noobie had a blast- though she still kinda hates us going in anywere deeper than her knees.

salty dog

see the sea turtle nests?

--Just when you think Anubis is being behaved-she proves you wrong.
A group did come and pick a spot near us- loud and drunkenly,they were kewl tho.. their freinds joined them with their little dog,great little dog ,well behaved he was off leash and catching balls and frizbees.Just never know how Noobie will be around other dogs.We let them "meet"..she was a bully-showing teeth and all.GRr.Yeah we kept her on a shorter leash after that.
We did take turns swimming,it was nice..and I took noobs for a run down the beach- despite my leg hurting.

HUNGRY on the way home.We decided to stop in publix- for a sub and some healthy snack for Rory.
Ri was in there forever!!
Noobie started giving the pathetic face to passersby-got compliments on the "pretty boy" from the whole parking lot.

-then Rory started getting antsy
LOL-Noobie consoled her and put her paw on Rory's carseat-

Ri came back with a roast beef sub- roast beef on the side- in a little bag,for Noobie.
-and extra olives,and tomatoes on the side for Rory.-as well as some strawberries,and some rolls to go with dinner- The pot pie Ri made last week and froze,we had thawing in the fridge.
Ri said the line was HUGE - with people all ordering 10 subs a piece.

We realized on the way home that our zoo cards expired today-Ri thought yesterday, damn coulda went to the zoo.It was a damn good day tho.

I think Noobs thought it was the best day least until we came home and Ri washed,and I brushed her.-Aw,but she smells and looks soo good now.
Rory napped for awhile then, watched her all time fav movie,we just got from netflix"cats& Dogs"- transfixed.
me and ri- finished off the rum.

So,I did something to my leg..I have no idea what.It started hurting in an odd way near my shin, with a weird(where did that come from?) bruise/knot last night-
this morning my whole upper thigh muscle -front-felt bruised-by the time we were ate the beach it REALLY hurt to walk down the stairs.
When we got home my leg -was all discolored...bruised looking.It looks better now..its just sore like bruised muscle-which i guess it what i did.But its been a few days since I've done anything that could've caused that.
.. I guess I could done it jumping rope a few days ago??I dunno..
it effing hurts.
well , Rory is crashed FINALLY!Noobie wants out...and the sun is up.
I am glad Ri is off tomorrow..maybe he will let me sleep in.


tata said...

Awww, Rory is so stinkin' cute. I love the beach pictures - really makes me miss my dog :(

Hope your leg feels better. That sounds painful - and scary!

Thoughts and Things said...

What fun and what a gorgeous dog! Husky? German shepard? Wow, what a purdy pup! And of course your daughter is adorable as usual, you keep reminding me we need to go to the beach ourselves!