Thursday, July 3, 2008

Fans,costumes,waterfun,belly aches, and wishing for good pee

Hi there fans--
didya know I had fans?
....well, I don't, really-
BUT, I HAVE been getting a few looks on here thanks to George Carlin ,and Icanhascheezeburger!!
So,maybe I don't have fans- but fans, of fans. lol.

Now ,I just need to post a really bizarre youtube vid of me ,and I can be famous on vh1's "best week ever" for a minute!

Maybe, I should start a blog about Bozo dying- that really is sad :( makes me wanna line up buckets and have the kid throw balls-
but, I dunno how quotable he,I haven't seen a postable lolcaptioned pic for that-sigh-

Well ,back to my super lame, keeping the fam updated, stay at home mommy blog.

I am actually impatiently waiting for Rory's pee culture-- more on that later--

Sooo.Monday-I had some freaky scary dream about my Dad dying.. it was odd made me cry.

Heres some gooofy Pics I took :

Rory says take hers too- choco face ,and her fav costume
I can't even remember if we stayed up late monday night or not.Probably, RI and I have been staying up ,and hanging out whenever we can...feels like we are trying to squeeze every bit of togetherness out of each week as we can.
Lately, a few outside things have forced me to realize how lucky I am with him.
Not often people end up with their best friend ,still.Especially, with this much trust ,love,and laughter,in a relationship thats headed towards 10 yrs old... and I miss him working all the time.

I had begged him to mow the yard.We got up wayyy late, and HAD planned on going to Vals, but weren't sure we would after getting up soo late.She had a party Saturday for her nephews bday and had a huge water slide set up(still, sad Ri worked, and we missed the party :( )

I REALLY wanted the yard mowed tho- So ,Ri mowed it (it looks sooo much better-he said he didn't see any rabbits, but he did mow down a HUGE brown recluse)
-and we called Val and still managed to get over there before the evening storms( that are everyday lately).

Val told us the privacy fenced in the yard and we should bring Noobs to play with Pepe-
Pepe is aptly named- he spent most of the time trying to romance Noobie and hump her leg.You can almost imagine the french accent while he is licking her face

Noobie LOVED the pool and was really trying to get him to get in and play with her.He just wanted to chase her around the yard ---and accomplish the impossible with her.They did get along really good most of the time.I think noobie had more fun than anyone.

I dunno though, we had a pretty good time too.
Rory tried to talk Val into giving her chips and jun food- Val came out with a plate of fruit instead.LOL- Yeah, see thats why we can't have chips all the time. Rory WOULD eat nothing but chips if given the chance.Now she thinks anyones house she got chips from before will have them again.she did settle for a strawberry popsicles - that she loved , she is STILL talking about it.
Rory did not like the slide so much, and would NOT climb the climbing thing to go up it. she did get a few sides down. Weird.

We DID end up having to tell Seth to tone down the warplay , with her.

Rory slept gooood that night... after she stayed up surprisingly late.
We wanted pizza for dinner but that fell through, We waited entirely too long to toss food together.Ri ended up making us some yummy lil burrito type pizza.
Ri and I stayed up after Rory went to bed- had a few too many drinks, and smokes..very bad we were terrible sore and sicky by morning.
Well, actually, I ended up not being able to sleep at all.somewhere between PMS, and caffeinated alchy drinks I laid in the tub till the kid woke up.
We lazed around - feeling the ick of partying too hard for parents!

Rory said her belly hurt ALL day. In fact- it REALLY scared me.She was holding her belly and crying so panicked. I called mom - and felt a little better when she told me it shouldn't be her appendix if she is letting me push on it- and just call back if she gets a fever.I figured it was just the OJ she drank too much of with breakfast.
Ri got pizza fixings for dinner,and made yummy dinner
-and besides what I hoped was terrible gas pain Rory had a pretty good night.Ri let her paint for awhile ,
Then, she watched her fav movie " the black cauldron" ,
as well as some simpsons episodes.
I did end up rubbing her belly to sleep :( .We stayed up for a bit after she crashed

--Thurs- kind of ,i think?

4 am I lay my head on the pillow- I hear Rory stir.
4:15 she is crying hysterically. I pick her up and she is ON FIRE. Her temp was 103.3!she puked. I called mom, even though she was in bed.Then ,I called the pediatricians hotline-I LOVE my ped for having a 24 access hotline,I LOVE that I have never had to take Rory to the ER over something minor because its off hours,and I couldn't get a consult.-
So anyway. Again the big concern is if her belly hurts when you PRESS it,it doesn't.
Her fever went DOWN with baby tylonal, she said if it went back up and stayed up to go to the ER, until then make an apt in the morn. Her fever did come back when the med wore off- but not near as high- and she puked again. .. I put her in the bath. She didn't even look like herself, all pale, big sunken eyes ,and sad. ..but she was very sweet and talkitive despite it all. Soo sweet.

So Dr's appt. She said she didn't want to go at first, then remembered they had games in the waiting room.I begged her to eat a few wheat puffs in the car- she ALWAYS gets car sick on an empty stomach.
Dr. Hoss was on vacation so we had an appt with a different dr.
Rory liked siting on my lap and reading boo s they had - they had "the monster at the end of this book" one of my FAVS!

Funny ,last time we saw her was almost EXACTLY a year ago when Rory had suddenly started having potty problems -despite being seemingly PTed for awhile- and a slight fever ,we worried it might be a bad bladder infection.
..and now,again we are worried it is an infection.

OMG, Rory was the cutest thing there she told the nurses about everything.While they were weighing her she told her all about boots and dora(painted on the wall in there)- Rory weighs 28 lbs.- she's teeny.
WHile they were asking us questions about everything Rory was telling them even more.What has she been eating, has she had a bowel movement- So Rory told them all about her day, and painting and how she felt. It was too cute. Dr said it looked like it was probably just a little bug-but just in case,
They gave me a cup and decided I should try to get her to pee .She DID!SO BIG I couldn't believe it! She loved that they had a kid sized potty. She even took the cup to the nurse herself she was so proud.
The dr said she was a little dehydrated , which was probably JUST from the fever/puking that morning - but to really get as much fluid as possible in her, - and talked with us about which fluids could work.. (Rory told her about Val's yummy Popsicles, and sno cones with no color. )
and had us take her urine to the hospital lab (next door)and get cultures. They are gonna call with results after the weekend- and said if she is still sick by then we should come back in. -- So we are all crossing our fingers that Rory JUST has a bug and no infections.
We rushed through publix and got a few things we needed.
Ri went to work exhausted..
Rory stayed awake all day- she seemed MUCH better. I gave her sno-cones and anything she would drink.
Mom came over ,on her way home from work,and brought Rory some goodies- fruits and sherbet.
Rory still complained about her stomach throughout the day, but didn't run any more fevers.
-She crashed at 12:30. I hadn't slept in almost three days and crashed with her. I tried to stay up with Ri..but I couldn't. :( .

I was hoping Rory was all better, she seemed so much better before bed.
Woke up early this morning with her.She was complaining her belly hurt again. I asked her to drink some water, and she puked it up.
-more water,more puking. :( She did seem better after the 2nd time,And drank water for me and nothing else. Later, she did eat some breakfast.She has seemed MUCH better the rest of today. Playing and everything,even eating a bit.She ate loads of Popsicles , fruits toast and some soysage pattie,veg hot dogs,cheerios & soymilk,honeybutter toast. I even let her have a lil of the soda that was in the fridge.I am so glad she is eating and drinking.I showed her how to fold a paper in half and make a neat painting.
She seems all better at the moment. -YAY-

I just have to wait for good results on her urine culture, and hope she has a better morning tomorrow.-cross your fingers-.
So, it's July 4th- Rory was sad when she heard the fireworks but couldn't go outside. It IS sad.. I prolly coulda bummed a ride to see fireworks ,if I wasn't so worried about her sick.

Ugh, I just found the ear thermometer-after destroying the house looking for it while Rory was sick- I DID find the mouth one , at least.

We decided to make lasagna for dinner. I will NEVER EVER do that again!!Ri ended up finishing it for me- so frustrated
Its in the oven now. ricotta is a a bitch to spread-Noodles are a PITA to cook and pick up with those stupid tongs, sqiushy mushroom,tofu to dry.I bet it will be awesome--

Rory's FAV movie right now:

The Black Cauldron

The book I have been reading:
confessions of an ugly stepsister

Ri borrowed it from Sari,
-sigh- Ri finished it already. I read "wicked" and all, I just CANNOT get really into his work, it lacking- something. It's an excellent subject -exploring the flip side of old fairy tales- BUT , you'd think he would try harder to make the "bad guy" from the story seem positive.His writing is sort of beautiful, but it feels empty.. So many details about something and not enough about others and it gets REALLY annoying.Therefore- I haven't been flying through it," cant put this book down "style, I have been trudging through it- "must see how this ends and finish it" style.

So.. Ri finished the lasagna for me.. Off to eat dinner. NIGHT


tata said...

You are so pretty, BHF! I love the first pic of you.

N00b looks like she is having so much fun! Y'all should totally buy her a wading pool. You'd get tons of awesome pictures :)

Poor Rory! Joy went through something similar at about the same age. In fact, we didn't have insurance at the time and now I'm having to pay that debt or not get a house. A steady supply of small sips of room-temp water and some suppositories and rest cleared her up. I hope the tests all come back fine. Please update soon!

tata said...

Yep! I read it all the first time :)