Tuesday, May 13, 2008

the beach,the zoo,the store and the family

OMG!! WTH is wrong with me! I haven't updated in SoOO long. I have soo much to post I might just throw some pics up. and not update much.
I was having some nasty stomach problems the beginging of last week.Not sure from what.I thought at the time it might have been something I ate or a bun-now,I wonder if it was JUST pms.I can't believe it has become that horrible...that a full week in advance my stomach and breasts start hurting..
Wednesday,Ris day off I was still having cramps-but we decided to go to the beach.RI wanted to go to st.auggy to pick up his check early ,anyway.
I felt like Debbie Downer,not wanting to really swim much or play,but we played ithe sane some and splashed around a bit at crescent beach,until Rory demanded food and drink and we left for lunch.

Rory being grumpy,hungry thirsty waiting on Ri to buy food.

We got a publix sub,chips and drink. Ri's work STILL didn't have the checks in yet,so we went to the St.auggy beach access. And walked along the beach people,sand, and bird watching,

I don't know why the sand fleas were all popping up out of the sand dying,it was really odd.

We didn't walk much,my belly was killing me.I asked if we could go sit somewhere,there was a beach park,with a playground..it also had a LOT of kids though.
Decided to go there anyway.

Rory had a BLAST,playing with all the kids,and they had a little splash fountain she just loved.
She was so cute running from one group of kids playing to the next,like she wanted to be in on every game going.
So ,we decided to leave..
we still had some time to kill so we drove around looking for "pink ice cream in a cone" for Rory,and exploring all the crazy new crap in st.auggy.
For an insane price a month you could live in a duplex that looks like a house in a creepy suburban neighborhood where everything matches-weird

We drove around trying to pick a good ice cream place,and kill time..and stopped at brewsters.,where we got lucky a baby cone is actually FREE for kids under a certain height.So she got her pink cone with sprinkles,it even had candy eyes and a mouth...we parked at Ri's work,waiting for his boss with the checks-

Yes,she made a mess.

Thursday we went to the zoo with Sari,and RJ.Jax succks as usual..Ri kept leaving Rj at yellow lights,and RJ kept trailing way behind.i think they were angry we didn't want to take the interstate.

Flamingos..not so pink

vulture stared me down

Can you find the frog?

Rory held a bird this time,she was soo scared but proud of herself

The sand thing was new and she loved it.

This was REALLY funny- it was NASTY hot out and we had walked th whole zoo..Sari was bitching about her feet hurting and decided she was gonna soak them in the fountain.We teased her about being a trouble maker.--then this little boy sits next to her and trys to put his feet(shoes and all) in the water too..instead of getting pissed-his grandma and mother took his shoes off and joined him,then another woman did.So ,maybe she is a trendsetter ,not a trouble maker.

He was mooning the glass! Mom told me the other day a popular radio host was talking about how the gorrilla was mooning the glass.we musta been there at the same time.

Rory was grumpy...and I was getting there :(

We took her grumpiness to the splash zone to cool off and to sit down before heading out.

She stayed until the splash zone closed.she was soo cute playing with the little kids in the water..there were a couple boys a bit younger than her,she kept running up and saying "I'm Aurora ,will you play with me?"

We all went to an Indian place for dinner- RI looked them up in jax JUST to find one.
It was really good- Rory was FUSSY ,overtired though.It was sad,she just kept pouting about wanting to go home and be with her puppy..luckily we were the ONLY table there .the waitress was really nice about and tried to cheer her up by bringing her a mango lassie- rory didn't like it.She did cheer up with bribery of cookies when we were done eating..and ate some garbanzo beans.Sari and Rj didn't seem too impressed with the new foods.The food they both ordered came on these kewl heating plate things that were still cooking and steaming,i thought it was neat anyway.

Ri's work days-
we didn't do much.Recoup from the business...my belly was STILL crampy. :(

Saturday evening the siblings picked me & Rory up to go mothers day shopping.
Libby and JJ are hard to shop with,,,and Amy is no help at all.But they are quite entertaining.
Rory had loads of fun.Saw Mel at wallyworld-for a split second while Libby was carrying Rory off ,Amy and steph were holding hands and i think JJ had already escaped the store..I wasn't trying to be short with her..but I did wanna catch up with them.Said Hi,and all that anyway.
On the way home(after a stop at Taco bell) Rory told JJ "make sure you go to Grammys house" handed me her cinnatwists and fell asleep.So we went to moms.I gave her her presents early.I picked the pink flowers Rory told me to.and a puzzle.They got mom a hammok..that will hopefully be assembled on the porch soon.

Rory just wants to dance around ,eat candy,and color,there.

Mom is finally done with the chemo part of her therapy,and saying her hair should start growing back soon,hopefully she will feel better as well. We stayed pretty late.Watching tv.before we got home and Rory crashed.
Amazingly, Rory has been going to bed every night and waking up around noon!

Sunday- Mothers day
We went to grandmas with mom:

We were pretty late getting there we went after Mom got home from work. ..but it was pretty fun.Rory just LOVED playing with Binky...and she cracked up th whole room with her vocabulary using the word suckling properly in a sentence.-Missy super cute chunk baby boy- had put part of her dress in his mouth and she wanted to know why he was trying to suckle her.
Rory did eat some cake and food there surprisingly.
When we left Rory again wanted to go to grammys house...so we went there,again.
Oh did I tell you libby has purple hair?
here are some pics-and a CUTE one of rory...and look those are the flowers i got mom:

Rory came home and crashed good.When Ri got home we watched Beowulf-it was ok.

I mostly did laundry and dishes today..not much at all.Rory went to bed at nine..but when RI got home Noobie was a total ass and WOKE HER UP.She has been half asleep since..but she is still awake enogh that I am awake.

Ri is 'sposed to be off tomorrow but he is working another morning. :(
This post hs brely been editted or gon over- but i m gonna go ahead with it.

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