Monday, May 26, 2008

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HEY!!! Check out my wicked kewl photoshop skills :

Its awesomely awesome even if Libby can't see it move with her dialup connection :)

So! Not been up to much of anything.It has rained a wee bit more- which is nice , its still 10thousand degrees outside.Leaving us mostly holed up in here.I have done a few little cut& past type projects with Rory - too keep from being complete couch potato zombies..but we have been watching way to much tv and she's been playing way to many video games the last few days...
I find myself kicking her offline or out from in front of the tv and telling her to go play ALL too often.
I have Been working out a little bit ,too... not enough probably to counteract sitting around.

A friend reminded my of "schoolhouse rock" the other day-So I ran off to show Rory,
She liked some of them-- but the 1st one I showed her was "how a bill becomes a law" and she said
"I don't like this video , Its pompous!!"

Rory hamming it up while playing online:


It was partly cloudy today- didn't rain, so we did get to sneak out to go to the park, and walk noobie.
I don't really like to go for walks on Sunday-
I don't really want to have Noobie in the park when other people are there..
plus it was
So we didn't stay out long

Came home- FINALLY talked Rory into a shower to cool off,
I realized today she hasn't had a REAL bath in at least a week(she had quick rinses,and washed up hands and dirt,and went swimming) ..after all that fighting ,she then fought me over getting out, HA!
- She was fussy and pouty when she finally did come out, but the cuddled up in the sweetest way possible , told me I was the best girl ever,and she loves me-
and fell right asleep.
Yeah,our schedule is alll off again :(
Going to bed at 4 am.-le sigh.
Talked to mom and Lissy on the phone- I think they finally have the porch all clean, wonder if they ever set up the hammock??

Oh- the blue crab festival is/was this weekend.. always brings back sweet memories of when Ri& I started dating.
Christie wrote me and said it is awesomely awesome..

..but we won't be making it this year :(

We haven't even really had time to grocery shop.. been digging further into the cabinet and eating pizza (from the busy nights at Ri's work).

Ri had a rough night,he came home kinda freaked out- he had ran over a dog. :(
Poor guy..not even sure how to console him.
Well everyone just fell asleep and I should ,too.

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