Saturday, May 17, 2008



Check it out I figured out how to make a moving image with photoshop,(assuming it works here)
then promptly forgot :(
- and haven't been able to figure out how to do a more complicated one all night.
I'm working on it though.

I made veggie burgers from scratch for dinner :) . Basically the same buncha stuff I toss together for a veggie loaf,but formed and pan fried.
Ri came home with soda-spoiling the child,and made some battered green beans for a side.

Rory has been SOO fussy ALL DAY.When she crashed for a nap- I didn't stop her... and she still woke up doing the "I don't like it"s. Grr. She also goes from one extreme to the other,playing suspiciously independently in her room- to NEEDING to touch me at all costs.-
Listen, I love her cuddles and all, but sometimes i just need to pee without being attached to a 30lb ,hair tangling, leech baby.I think she has some sleep debt issue or something going on.

UGH,also, I had to put a link to one of Rory's educational kid sites in the toolbar where she could see it- because she kept stealing the laptop and opening she gets and looking for places to type
..once even navigating all the way to in paypal and almost paying 30 bucks for legal service!!!

Now,at least,I know when if she sneaks online she will go right for the little image of a fish on the toolbar that will take her to a kid safe site.then its only a matter of getting it back from her.
--I am gonna brush my teeth and get ready for be now..
but later I will upload a pic of her theifing my internet.

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