Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Get comfy,stare at monitor and pretend to read this

A little mini rant about PMS-
all those complaints about Pms being horrible,
including cramping,breast pain and stomach problems, for a week before a sign of blood
..and my fears that it would be another repeat performance heavy,painful,unable to function flows of the last few months-
I am on day two(or three) of my period,and it is pretty much over- Cramps are gone,and everything!I didn't even get the chance to weep in the shower or eat my weight in carbs, All that PREmenstrual -and not much menstrual .
I KNOW, knock me over with a feather!! I do not expect a repeat performance next month-- and I will hope to not develop month long PMS.

So, Anyway..

Just a lot of cleaning to make up for what hasn't been done being soo busy lately.
Yesterday -it was Ri's day off,but he ended up working in the morning was a short shift and he was kinda mad about getting home at like noon.
I didn't want to do anything.I needed to clean ,but I didn't even want to do that(who ever wants to clean,really).
Val had called though, and asked if we would like to come over and go swimming.So we decided to go over there.
We sat and chatted with her,about everything and not much at all...
Rory suddenly became a BIG kid and just went off to play with Seth(watching cartoons and eating chips)They looked like teens watching tv together talking about the episode-jeez I am not ready for her to be soo big.
Rory was soo cute in the pool- letting out this super giggle:

Fun on the net- I made this image ,joke reference to a message board drama for a friend:(her idea, adding a boob to dora with that text)


Ah, message boards,my addiction - friend and nemesis. This is going to be an odd blog because,
Well,because, I feel like blogging for once and its my damn right.Besides no one reads this part, most of you will scroll past through to the pics, and in search of your own name. .
So, heres were I lay this huge confession that some know- and some know all too intimately themselves.
I am addicted to message boards,I drop one, and take up another at this rate.Something I have done for years.---Involving myself in the lives,opinions and drama of people who I at best know the 1st name of.
It is ,so far ,not as bad as those ,like freakish addictions to the level of me turning into this guy:


And needing years of therapy to overcome withdrawals.

It has goods and bads,I have made wonderful friends ,learned amazing things ,even things about myself..I could never even list the wealth of info I have found on message boards-they are like the shattered remains of the " information highway " of the future...

Honest truth, google anything and you will find a board talking about it.
but, often times it has reached a level where the drama from online interfered with my regular life and I realized I needed to step back-- that is hard,and when I realize how strong my addiction is.
So,I need to step back,Because while online relationships are very real to me,they aren't my everyday life- and that comes first-- and I do sort of want to avoid being that guy.At least I think it would be in the best interest of my bored three yr old and my ever growing ass fat.
So yes, the globe shook again with me in it,I wasn't holding a list I was just standing nearby wondering why people assumed such hateful thing about me after all those years and friendships,
and I decided I needed an out for a bit..(that will make sense to very few- if any- people)

So- there goes my lamest blog EVER.


Ri let me sleep in,made SUPER healthy 4 grain pancakes-which Rory LOVED and grubbed upon with no syrup even!-
and cut fruit for breakfast.(He is soo awesome.)
We cleaned the house,finally getting some laundry done.
And vacuuming the carpet-Noobie is shedding so much everything in the house matches her.

Ri figured out how to burn movies twice as fast and burned all the disney movies.He almost let a kirby salesman in the house-I tried to tell him "big white van,sweaty, nervy khaki clad kid=kirby"..He did manage stop him before the whole spiel,but only after he gave us some cursed paper towels "as a gift for telling others about their new store in the winndixie plaza"...Now, I feel all guilty touching them and ,so they sit on the back of the chair by the door,mocking me ,and the sweaty nervy white kid that tried to hock over priced vacuums in my neighborhood.
Rory played naked in her little pool for a bit.
Ri went and got us pizza again -I ate way to much,ugh,
Then he made cookies :)
We watched REAPER- (damn you Lisy for your spoilers!Dontcha know I hafta wait for someone to upload to download these things!)
If you are not watching The Reaper ( on CW) you so should and you are missing out. I just got Ri watching it. :) The reaper and scrubs are the only network shows to watch.Maybe the only shows to watch at all. I am kind of digging the TV on my own time not having a sattilite has given me.- well, besides spoilers.grrr

We also watched The Futurama movie benders big score...and Rory watched TONS of Disney movies.She wanted to watch "nemo" tonight for some reason.She really liked the "Rescuers" and it brought back tons of memories for me.She has been SOO wild lately,climbing wrestling clawing jumping,gah.I am going crazy,and getting sore. i find myself saying " BE GENTLE WITH ME!" over and over all day.
DAMN you FOOLS that claim such things are "boy things"! Rory does it while wearing pink fairy wings and saying she is a princess..damn ninja princess'.

Well,anyway,the rest of the house has crashed.My lap is sweaty from this thing..and I want to post it before I change my mind about the stupidity of such a lame ass blog.

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