Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Condencing three days to feel like six.

Grr!! I am soo frustrated with everything this second!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can't get pics to upload at all!!
I am not even running anything else for once!!!!!!!!!!!
I really wanted to post pics- -I'll keep trying.They are all of Rory and her hambonyness-When she sees a camera she poses.
So,The movie I just downloaded -the sound is off,missing the ending of the first part,and the second part is in spanish- great stuff.
My V button isn't wanting to work..Rory is marching around the house with her grump face throwing a fit over everything.She has this new tendency to do something she was told not to do- and then just go "sorry".

------So ,what I have been up to:

Saturday- Rory and I went out with Mom(and libby,amy and stephanie).Mom had to go to wallyworld to pick up some medicine ,and picked us up. They stole Rory and spoiled her in the toy and book sections.
Chaos in Palatka wallyworld,( I wonder if that place is enough of a hell on earth to be a portal?) people watching, and losing each other.Rory was a butt babikuss-and wouldn't let anyone but me have her kisses.She is soo attached to me lately,its really frustrating.I feel like I get FEW seconds a day when she isn't touching me.They bought Rory some stickers ,a balloon,and a big huge fairy coloring book( I told ya, spoiling her).Rory seems really worried about "Grammy" being sick,and he tummy hurting.Mom seems to be doing alright,and is pretty composed-though you can tell she is feeling rough underneath-especially if you know.
Lissy gave me a hard time for letting Rory become such a girl.Libby had picked out some gummi bugs for Rory,Rory was mildly disgusted-but then REALLY grossed out when we tried to show her they had "bug guts" inside-and squeezed some out and got some on her skirt- she was sooo grossed out, she just kept repeating that it was on her. We stopped and got taco bell,which Rory pretty much refused to try- still munching on the chips she had talked mom into buying her.
We went to moms house -which might be Rory's favorite place.She just wants to color and eat junk food with everyone. Mom and Dad went out -but we stayed and hung out-I ended up watching tv with the siblings,while Rory ate mass amounts of junk food ,and danced.

I would have felt bad for the dog with us being gone all day
....but then when JJ& Lissy brought us home- I was trying to bring the huge ass carseat in,and Noobie broke out the front door! They ran out to their car to chase her down ,and ended up catching her after she ran amok around the neighborhood.Lissy had chased her all over on foot-and came back looking like she was gonna pass out.The dog looked rather pleased with herself...UGH- stupid dog!! I am just glad she stayed out of peoples yards!

Sunday- We just kicked around the house.Rory WAS going to bed and waking up at a decent hour for a night or two,,but not anymore.She is back to waking up at like 3pm.We got up and got ready to go to the park..I was getting her dressed and noticed she was covered in bug bites.Poor thing, a mosquito got her in her sleep. We got a few steps out of the house when Rory saw a flower she wanted to pick-but when she went to pick it grasshoppers jumped on her.She told me a bug bit her..and maybe one did(I didn't see it,or a new bite),but she decided "the bugs do not want me to play outside today,or to have flowers". So we played inside all day. :( I thought Noobie would be more disappointed,but I think she was happy in the AC ,too.

She actually seemed quite content coloring all day.


Rory wouldn't agree to anything for breakfast-so I made chocolate chip pancakes.
Then we headed for the park..We ended up going all over the neighborhood on a HUGE walk instead.Rory wanted to go to the baseball park-I tried to explain that was MUCH too far to walk though. Maybe ,I will walk there with her one day.

Noobie is still doing really excellent on her walks,and doesn't pull near as much!
We passed Terah's mom and she asked how much we missed CO. Yeah, On HOT days like yesterday!?, I really want to not be out here!
Rory came home SLEEPY-but stayed up until 10.When she got REALLY clingy,as I was trying to do dishes.I ended up digging her sling out of the closet and slinging her,while I did dishes and listened to a cd.She crashed and I snuck off to bed ,too.Ri came home and I hung out with him for a minute before sneaking back to bed.
I had hoped,me being asleep she would stay asleep ,too,But,NO ,when she woke up, and Ri was home from work, she decided to get up with him.So she was up till five am. :( .At least we got the disney movies to start burning.Rory really likes Snow White& Dumbo.

Ri had to work because he traded today for Thursday,so we could go to the Zoo with Sari.
Unfortunately,that means we missed Jade's birthday.(Jade has been over like twice the last couple of days to remind us his birthday was coming up and hint that he needs really expensive gadgets).
Ri's mom and Sari Did stop in for a little bit ,bringing Rory a piece of cake. Good I guess, 'cause Rory had missed her "brown grammy" - and again she reminded Sari to make sure her baby has a bow(and maybe a flower) in her hair.She didn't want them to leave,well,she told sari she could leave if she had to, but grammy had to stay and pretend to eat in her room.
After they left Rory decided she wanted to ride in her stroller.So we went on a short -fast jog/walk to the lake and back.

I made some butter beans for dinner.Pretty good, Rory doesn't want any...unless I am willing to reward her with chocolate for each bite.

So I am heavily irritated,Rory is completely destroying the house. Doing things like pulling her BIG things in here.
Ri just called and got mad at me for "sounding" irritated on the phone,and "snapping at him" (I did not) .-sigh-

STILL!! not ONE upload site is even pretending to upload my pics.
I am going to go take a shower!

---more good news-
I got out of the shower and checked my phone(cause I had forgotten to bring it to the shower with me) and noticed I had a voicemail...
for whatever reason it didn't list that I had missed a call from the dentist earier when it said i missed Ri's call.

I wonder if we will get to go to the beach tomorrow as planned.
....I guess I have a dentist appointment tommorow??
I am confused because I don't remember having an apt till the 20th, and the message just said "tomorrow"
- I HOPE it is a new voicemail. well halfway...I don' really want to go to the dentist(esspecially with my peircing acting up from putting in too short a post the other day)...though I do need to make an appointment for my cleaning if that isn't it ,tomorrow. - sigh- I guess,now matter what, I get to call in the morning. :(

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