Friday, May 23, 2008

Dentist-recreation-and more denstists.-its like a hotel convention

I am soooo avoiding my blog.
I go through phases of wanting to blog the most MUNDANE crap-- and then having things to tell ya,and just not feeling like it.


Sooo the news.
Tuesday-Ri's day off .Rory and I both had a dentist appointment. I got my front tooth filled-OUCH! It looks freaking awesome though. :) Yay! My dental work is ALMOST done. I need 4 more fillings,and that really pricey implant.

Rory had her appointment the same time as me.She was scheduled to get examed by the dentist and hopefully get a small filling or seal on the cavities she had..
but when he saw the cavities he said they were infected and she needed a pulpectomy- a baby root canal :( He said he was surprised she had never complained of tooth pain..she hasn't,in fact I tried to get her in over that cavity before she turned three,but they wouldn't see her unless it was bothering her, you can bet I would have dragged her in if she gave me reason.. I feel terrible that she has cavities all ready.
They don't do those types of procedures on kids there, so they gave us a referral to pediatric dentist,and a script for her to get antibiotics.
They said again she did awesome, one of the best little kids they have seen.She looked soo big when I came back from getting my filling,holding the pencil they gave her.
She seemed happy though,I think she likes going to the dentist.

-making faces in the car ride home-
We went to WinnDixie (in cc)to get her medicine ,
She said she wanted strawberries from the store,too.
She was funny talking to the pharmacy tech- she was telling her all about everything,so funny she just decided this girl needed to know EVERYTHING in the time it took her to ring up her strawberries and antibiotics. She was still talking to her long after we had left the pharmacy and were leaving the building.

I spent the rest of the day sleeping off my yucky post Novocaine grog,I hate that.Ri spent the day calling freaking Medicaid.We had been trying to call all damn week. We got the paper work for Rory, we just had to pick her plan...but the hotline number to pick a plan was down,and he had to call the main number a dozen times,get put on hold for HOURS,and rerouted to fifty different depts before FINALLY someone could help
...but ,OH WAIT!, they couldn't help HIM. Despite the FACT that ALL of Aurora's medical stuff is in HIS name ,they need to talk to the MOTHER of the child for some ridiculously sexist state regulation,so he had to wake me up just for me to tell them - "yeah,what he said"...
anyone that thinks I am exadurating here,has never dealt with FL Medicaid! She did finally get approved they said it would become active the 1st of june.Which was kind of stressful with the tiny bit of antibiotics ,and the pressing need for dental work.
-- speaking of,Ri called the ped dentist she was referred to ,but they didn't accept medicaid.

So- Wednesday morning ,Ri called a few places and FINALLY found THE dental surgery medicaid provider in Putnam,but they said they aren't accepting new patients..and gave him a number for a place in Gainesville.. They were able to check her medicaid and said she IS already approved! YAY..they also made an appointment for an exam as soon as possible,their 1st appointment Thursday morning. I was kind of stressed though,this place is FAR,and they said their policy was to have kids go in without their parents- weird.
Relieved that that was under control we decided to pack up a picnic ,and go to the spring(Ri had wanted to go tues,but after my dentist appointments I am useless.).

It has been in the upper 90s with NO freaking rain here..SO HOT,and dry half the damn state keeps catching fire.In fact on the way we saw smoke on the way to the spring and when we got there a couple groups were running home because they heard their town was on fire.

A lil bit about the fires(news story from the 12th)

Now, go do a rain dance for us , Amy (baby sis) suggested it a couple day ago, go wash your car.That always works..

Ri stopped in the teeny shop in Pierson for some mexican coke- and pepsi too :)

--------------------------------Ri spoils her,she had chips too!

sneaky Squirrel kept stealing our food,he snuck up on the table once ,when we had went walking the trail, and stole the last of our bread.

Rory was a bit tired for the nature walk

But she still kept up with me :)
After that we were HOT and went for a good swim. I wanted to swim but it is sooo damn cold it practically hurts.I need to spring to be just a few degrees warmer for me to be comfortable,does that make sense at all??
I would LOVE to just do laps around,but I just can't get my body to go with that if it is cold.
it was HOT enough though that I did swim good this time.

On the way back from the spring Ri promised Rory a treat for being sooo good,eating her picnic,and swimming so well.. she picked out ice cream.I was feeling like an out of shape fatty,and didn't want any junk.

She was sooo cute eating her ice cream and singing -
HM carride

When we got home we decided we would take our poor deprived dog to the park before dark ,and get some more exercise. We played for a tiny bit ,Rory saw a baseball practice net, on the kickball part of the park, and wanted to kick her ball into it like soccer- so we decided to go over there.

She wasn't impressed with its soccer nettiness.

Ri somehow coaxed me to play one on one kick ball with him- while Rory played in the clay ,and noobie ran interference.We saw the van to lock up drive by,and left.

We had to get up FAR too early,before the sun ..To get to Rory's appointment in Gainesville.The car said it would take over two hours..we ended up getting there an hour before we needed to.Rory slept the whole way.We even went through BK drivethru to kill time.

So , we get to the dentist office and did the new paitent questionnaire, and hoop jumping. They gave me and Rory a tour while Ri filled out paper work with questions like "who is her favorite cartoon character?".
I was really scared about the whole 'no parents in the room for procedures" policy..but I felt MUCH better after I got to see the way it was set up back there..
I mainly just didn't want to see Rory go back in a room with some creepy dentist all by herself..but actually the whole office was pretty open,four chairs in a row...filled with toys and fancy stuff-tv's in the ceiling above the dental chairs.The dental hygienist,assistant,her name was "Peaches" she was super nice- went over how I was brushing her teeth and how she should brush her teeth.She had her brush her own teeth then put that pink stuff on her teeth to show the spots she missed -and was surprised she didn't really miss any spots on her own LOL. Rory was excellent letting them look at her teeth.
They did an xray ,Rory did awesome,even though you could see it made her nervy.
The dentist did a quick exam and said that her teeth were NOT infected... and she did NOT need a pulpoctomy,-sigh of relief-
she couldn't figure out why my dentist would have said that.
She said she just wanted to put crowns on those two and asked if I "had the time for her to do it ,now".
Awesome. We talked Rory into a potty break .I told Rory she was gonna go watch tv while they fixed her teeth,and I would be outside.She was perfectly fine with fact,her response was "gimme my blanket"-and walked off. She is soo big.
So , me and Ri half asleep waited the eternity for Rory to come out. They sent a woman to tell me how things were going.She came back and told me they had numbed her and she was doing perfect.
--FINALLY ,she came out with her poor baby mouth full of cotton and her arms full of toys.(a wand,a ring,a toothbrush and timer,and two balloons)
She was happy looking,but she whimpered when "Peaches" mentioned the blood,while going over her care instructions.She said she did awesome,again saying that they can't bleive she is just three,and she is better than most of their 11 yr old patients.
They REALLY wanted us to come back there, but understood we wanted to try to find some where closer.It is a pretty kewl place,I HATE doing the new patient dance, and Rory only has to go a couple times a yr for cleanings- so we are debating it.
Rory slept all the way home..she was all mopey and grogy for awhile when we got home,she told me she got to watch Dora the explorer,and that her new teeth feel funny.When her mouth stopped being numb she ate some cheerios and then crashed out.--thats when I took the pic on top .I still feel bad that she is soo little and needed soo much work already :( .
She slept most the day..yeah,I am the same way after novocaine.
She spent most the day she was awake watching cartoons and cuddling sweetly with me.
Poor Ri had to work after that,ugh.well, at least they are both asleep now...
Suns coming up,I should go to.Night,er- morning.

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