Saturday, May 24, 2008


DUDE! Why did none of you tell me this place would let me upload loads more pics from the net- than the five limit from my puter!?! Doesn't matter I swear I tried it and it hadn't worked before-

Time for a flashback - forgive the poor quality pics of pics:

My 16th Birthday:
Ri on Maury getting all his hair cut off:

Baby Noobie:

March 6 '04

Jan '05
Jan 30th '05

Happy new year! 06

Rory's 1st birthday!

First zoo trip

Happy Halloween:

Rory's 2nd birthday:

Mandatory potty training pic:

Happy Halloween '07

Family Vacation pic- Jan 08

Alright- I'll quit while I'm behind.

- :)
Oh, BTW it DID rain today!!!!

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