Sunday, May 8, 2011

Thanks,I'm not your mom

Happy Mother's Day! To ME!
To my mom.
Maybe, to my mother in law-
I feel weird saying it to anyone else, and even weirder when they say it to me.
It's cool I got a cute little gift from Rory see , and she made me a card this morning.. I'm set.

Otherwise, if you aren't the kid in that flower, I'm not your mother.Call your own mother.
I have no expectation of gifts or affection niceties today.
I always hated when people would build up all sorts of expectations (just to get let down ) about hallmark holidays...or anything really

Get me a soda on your way to see me, out of the blue and you will win my friendship for life , I don't expect gifts on some day that is deemed to be my special day by some figurehead. I like spontaneous special days, and I hate that feeling of obligation. That's were most holidays get screwed anyway... just cause a few people had to go be assholes, and demand their husbands buy them a ring worth more than a car.and that all their friends should send them eflowers or else - how uncaring.
..and besides , again,
I am not your mother

If I was you could send me one of these,

Pics from

Since you aren't my kid though, I am gonna blog to my mom.
Not just because it is mother's day-

but because my mom's bday is coming up in JUST a few days. And I am totally down with birthdays,
everyone should celebrate birthdays.. Those totally make sense to me...
(Well. I guess unless you are of a faith that doesn't in which case, I'm sorry. )Otherwise, you should all wish my mom a HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

So anyway.

My mom is awesome.

I have photographic proof:

I'm sure she hates this picture, but it represents a time.. and I love her hair in it. My mom kicked cancers butt, lost her hair and remained strong and beautiful.

Now that we are all grown up- Mom and Dad go out regularly and sing karaoke like local celebs . Now the amazing voice that sang to us as she cooked dinner is spread to more people .. and maybe one day more.. You folks could only be so lucky :p.

I love that pic, too

Some funny videos for ya.
I'm not sure what else I could say. There aren't words to express how awesome my mom is,or how lucky I am to have her, and to still be so close with her. I know most adults aren't afforded that- I am truly blessed to have her.
Well , I'm outta here before I get all emotional,

Tomorrow , I'll have some more beach pics courtesy of the Ri and his buddy . If I ever get done editing them.
I'm gonna go tie the kid to her bed and watch tv,
It's mother's day-
I'll do what I want
buy me a car



Joye said...

Pass along a Happy Birthday to your mom from me, :)

Loved the blog!!!

tabithakristine said...

Happy mother's day, regardless. :)

The videos cracked me up, and unfortunately I woke my son up through my laughter. Damn it. Feeding time.

Happy birthday to your mother, she seems like a rad chick. Kicking cancer's ass is something special. May she live long and prosper! ;)

babyhellfire said...

:) LOL Sorry about waking the baby