Tuesday, May 3, 2011

"For every ailment under the sun, There is a remedy, or there is none, ..

If there be one, try to find it; If there be none, never mind it." Mother Goose

Rory's 1st year of school is almost over. I have LOVED having her in school , loved seeing her learn and grow So so much , and seeing her make friends.
She has loved pretty much every second of it with every little inch of her only child attention seeking socialbutterflyness

Kindergarten has NOT been as easy breezy as I remember it:
There is drama, and homework, and make-up work ,lunch box debates packing (and its own drama) pizza days, junk food rewards,
and projects, and activities- and rush rush rush.
A field trip a month , an activity every.single.holiday , a donation , an expectation, buy this , get this , take this , bring this -

and did they make my Mom do all this stuff?

Worst of all Kindergartners are full of GERMS.

Don't pick your nose, and please don't put that finger in your mouth!

Cover your mouth when you cough!

Keep your socks on,please

Wash your hands after you use the bathroom!

Don't share food , especially yogurt

Wait?Where did that come from? DON'T put it in your mouth?

I know your tooth fell out and your mouth is bleeding, please stop bleed/spitting on your paper

Don't kiss each other!

Don't play with her hair! Or share hair things

Don't lick each other!!

In fact- Stop touching each other

... I don't know how teachers handle it. I feel like I'd need to wear a hazmat suit by the end of week one.
It is teacher appreciation day at her school,, and I haven't kept up with the cleverly prepared list of PTA suggestions on the proper way for us to show our appreciation with gift cards and fancy hallmark items.
... But WE DO appreciate her , she is amazingly awesome. She teaches kindy- that is astounding to me in itself.But also she has been really easy to communicate with , she has cleverly taught Rory things I have stumbled to show her, and been a huge hand to us .
We do have plans to do things for her. (and I should soo be editing class pictures and stuff , for that matter)

I admire her immune system.

So yeah.
I let the kid go back to school today. After feeling better all day yesterday , and annoyingly whining about how BOOOOORRREEEEDDD she was ,
I thought/hoped she'd be good to go.

I was very nervous about it - given her track record, last month she had a similar tummy bug, went to the dr got the OK, felt better, went back to school
.. and ended up coming home early from field day.(and if I remember correctly she did the same thing the month before that, and the weekened before that, and......)

It helped my nerves a bit that I got to help with centers/station time and see her. She complained at stations that her throat was sore.. I hadn't thought much of it because enviro allergies have been HORRIBLE out here lately (yay spring!).

So , as I am picking her up from class, the other moms tell me their kids have all been out with STREP!!!
UGH, I knew her whole class had been taking their turns out. Was hoping they just were passing the tummy bug,
and the DOC JUST recently tested Rory for strep..
So then, as if on queue , out marches my kid,
teary eyed, holding her throat.
(and now she is coughing.Crapspackle!)

And we still haven't found a local PED,
Now it looks as though my Wednesday Morning will consist of a super early morning ride an hour away with Mom all the way to were we used to live for a strep test.
(-even though she just had one less than a month ago and my Dr already thinks I am a hypochondriac.)

In other news,
I washed the bedroom remote with the puke blankets, and the TV in the livingroom shorted out and won't change channels past Nickelodeon .at. all. - No kidding. I am going to lose my ever loving MIND!!

Give me a nickle.
I am gonna go watch tv via the internets.



libby said...

no problem! we wanted to go shopping in st auggy this week. Now we got a reason to be up and moving in the morning. we'll just ride out there after your appointment

Joye said...

Poor Rory!!! I do hope she gets better soon!!! Keep those blogs coming, :)

Tina Michelle said...

I hope she feels better soon. School does bring a ton of germs. Oh my K sounds exhausting. I am so not ready for my B to go to K. I am willing time to slow down and fall not to come so soon this year.

babyhellfire said...

LOL Thanks for the comments :) !!

Sorry Tina,the good far far outweighs the bad