Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"Learn as much as you can while you are young, since life becomes too busy later." ~Dana Stewart Scott

Man, the day is almost over again.
and again, I have waited until the last minute to blog.

I wanted to blog a bit about how my poor child who may be a bit of a nerd.. or an artsy drama geek sort. .and how despite feeling that way myself I never thought my child would be.
and far More than I was aware -- her teacher even tossed out the word gifted at our last conference (though stressed it is very early to think in such terms ,and I agree). I was just really surprised. I knew Rory wasn't struggling in school , .. I guess I thought she was average at best,
and I was wrong.
Socially she has struggled a bit to catch up, but she is doing much better now..
Sometimes I still feel like I am dealing with a much younger child when it comes to helping her negotiate problems and interact with her friends.

Today was pretty busy though, even though it was the sort of go out to sit and relax sort of busy, it was still pretty busy, and I am pretty spent.
Ri had the day off of WD and I tried to get him out of bed, but he slept all day.. he still has to work at the factory.

One of Rory's classmates Mom, offered to take us to the pier where they have live music and a splash zone for the kids,, and another mom met up with us, the kids had an absolute blast, while we sat and BSed , talked all about kindy and our fears for 1st,and had a few beers. Very nice.
They have had such an awesome year it is really really hard to see the end just around the corner. and really nice to chat with other moms about it.

.. PLUS, I came home to dinner already out on the table.because I have the most awesome hubby ever.

No sleep, I think. I hope
I'll catch you tomorrow.



sandra said...

Ahhh, nothing wrong with being nerdy :) We're the best breed out there. I can't believe it's already been a yr. whooosh.

Joye said...

You say nerdy like it's a bad thing, LOL.

Great blog!!! Loved the pic of Rory!!!