Monday, May 23, 2011


Another night sneaks past me without me even thinking about writing.

My existence is:
Watch Tv (play online, or listen to radio all fall under this umbrella)
( I guess I eat and take care of the kid- bike ride to school and all too.. but mostly those other things)

I know, Life , right?
It is pretty constant, there are millions of tv/radio shows I have not caught up with-- always SOMETHING going on in the world ( Usually sad hard scary things, so I watch a lot of comedy)
.. the house is never fully clean enough, and I am constantly finding toys set up all over , because the child needs toys with her even when it comes time to brush her teeth.
I almost wish I would stop sleeping so often so I could catch up on such things, but I think I need sleep, or something.

It's a shame.

I am still feeling pretty uncommunicative. Which is great since I am participating in blogathon, helping in the kid's class tomorrow AND I have a parent-teacher conference meeting after.

I give up.
Hopefully my emotions, words and brain will all be on a similar wave length tomorrow.
I am gonna go obcess over my laundry ( yes, I am aware that my suddenly spotless house and current hermit mood are alll probably related - thanks for mentioing it.)

I'll see you tomorrow



Joye said...

I've felt just like that today. For some odd reason I feel closed inside myself. Hope it passes for both of us by tomorrow, :)

✩Molly✩ said...

We are too hard on ourselves! You are an awesome mom, and your daughter is beautiful. You do your best, that's all we can do. I cant get enough sleep lately either. Love love ya. -Red