Saturday, May 14, 2011

"Sleep is a symptom of caffeine deprivation"

Saturday mornings still come too early..
Rory woke me up at 8am ( if not before.) and a big storm rolled in.
We spent the morning playing with little fabric loops Jess had brought Rory the other night.

Do you remember those?? Poor child looks straight out of the 80s covered in day glow fabric loop jewelry.
Ri had the day off, but he still woke up fairly early with us too.

Val cam over to visit- she just came back from visiting her fam up north, and had some gifts and northern comfort for us
Sooo sweet!

We hung out, she brought her sis, and niece and nephew so we let the kids play for a little bit. Thank goodness!
I was afraid to let Rory go to the neighborgirl's house with the weather trying to turn soo foul- at least she got to play with someone today.

...Though with her attitude the way it has been she is lucky she didn't spend the whole day in time-out. She is in some HORRIBLE test your parent mode . I'm not enjoying it.
there are a lot of "Why are you doing that thing I asked you not to do, that you already know better than doing" The worst part is she doesn't even seem to know why.
She spent half the afternoon in time-out yesterday too. What the crap?
No fun.
call me when it is over, where is my clone??

The rain DID come DOWN, in a big bad way today,
I guess it was a good day for it, we do kind of need it on our sun drenched yard.

Unfortunately, Ri was planning on riding to the junkyard with his buddy Jay in search of a backseat for a van.
Yeah. So we got a van. I vaguely mentioned it MONTHS ago, but a member of Jay's church passed and willed them the van, and they are giving it to us! I cannot tell you how huge of a blessing that will be. I still am afraid to believe that to be true. When it is parked in our driveway I will believe it. The only problem with it , is that the guy used it to move stuff- so he didn't have the backseat, and we need to find one.

With the rain , Ri tried to call Jess and Steve over to use their big SUV to load a carseat, but by that time the place was closed. -sigh- another time.
Instead , they made a quick shopping trip and Ri grilled an awesome fish taco dinner for us all.

Tomorrow it is the book fair, Rory is counting every nickle she can get, and I am just hoping the weather will hold out.

It is late and I am tired, Hopefully, I will find some more time to blog in the next few days.

.. for now.


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