Monday, May 16, 2011

Of writing fruit by the foot

Hi there! (She is hula-hooping sooo fast you can't even see the hoop!)
Today started off pretty good- the kid was bouncy and ready to go, we even ended up early to school , So I stayed read a book to Rory and some of her classmates as they waited for their class to start.

I can't believe how big they are getting. How much they can read and write--
I do not remember writing like this in Kindy, it is CRAZY to me:
...She probably has better handwriting than me.
I am so so sad the school year is almost over, I cringe inside every time some one mentions it.

I didn't do crap today.
I meant to.
but , instead I wished for better tv, listened to the radio, took a long shower,
played with my hair

and I avoided cleaning.
I should really get with the kid and reorganize her room..
or at least her closet.
Not that it matters, she has become super particular about her clothes.
She has decided she will wear the tutu again tomorrow.

She was grumpy... but still minded her manners when I picked her up from school today. Instead of fussing or stomping she walked right up to me, sat on my knee and said :
"I'm sorry mommy, I'm grumpy - You said I could buy a fruit-by-the-foot but they were all out! I had to buy ice cream -sniffle-"
I know. it is heartbreaking. so horrible.
the injustice of it all.

The child never had a fruit-by-the-foot until she started school. I have a dehydrator and make fancy fruit leathers. Now she acts like she has been deprived her whole life. She even said "I have never seen them at the store, I don't think they sell them!"-poutface-

Ri worked at the store all afternoon- Jess came over and kept us company for a bit, her hubby was at work too, and she wanted to get a bike ride in. It gave me someone to talk to as I conquered the pile of dishes.

I took this pic just before sending Rory to bed and Ri went off to his 2nd job at the factory

Totally cheesed me out because for whatever reason both he and Rory had the hardest time pushing their butts against the wall.
Why can't you people scoot?

I get to help in Rory's classroom tomorrow.I should head to bed.
Man , this last few weeks are flying by.
I need a fruit-by-the-foot.



Ann said...

I really enjoyed your blog! Good luck with the Blogathon - love your posts so far! Your little girl is adorable, and your writing is engaging! Thanks for a lovely peek into your day! The fruit-by-the-foot...I hope it made you feel better - sounds delicious!

babyhellfire said...

Thank You Soo much!

Joye said...

You mean you can by fruit-by-the-foot in the store, LOL.

Loved your blog!!!