Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May the fourth be with you

It's Star Wars Day my geeky nerdy minions!!!!

I love cutesy word play.

That said,
I have a confession that may hurt nerdom.

I will now set into motion my internet demise


Not a huge fan
(What have I done)

Those movies are long as hell.
"Search your feelings, You know it to be true"

I don't know that I have ever sat through even one of them in its entirety. at one time ( though I have seen them ALLLL , many many times.. and they all have moments )

"I find your lack of faith disturbing"

I am FAR more familiar with Spaceballs
Sad right?
In fact, I watched SpaceBalls at a far far too young age, long before my folks would've let me watch Aliens, So I didn't get that whole Alien popping out of the belly bit- and Probably, had nightmares about an alien popping out of my belly Singing "Hello my baby, Hello my darling, hello my ragtime GAL" , Probably.Maybe. I'll never admit for sure.

"It's too late for me, son"

I do have a Rastawookie shirt.. but Only in an effort of encouraging me to laugh at myself...
I mean,
Just look at my hair

or don't
Impressive. Most impressive

I DOoo often get stuck singing

...but I might have a bit of a nerd crush on MC Chris (sorry Ri).. You understand.

and I do giggle at all the references on Futurama -- But we all know I am a HUGE Futrurama nerd ( I made a Bender costume FFS )

And I laugh at all the references Kevin Smith makes..
well maybe not ALL of them.

If you are a huge Star Wars geek (, well, even if you aren't)
and you haven't watched Chad Vader :Day Shift Manager

If I only knew the power of the darkside

Nerds, and Geeks, run the world though , man.
And if soo many of ya love the Star Wars I should probably try harder than to just appreciate the comedy spoof side of it all.

Maybe one day, Me + All of the Star Wars Movies ( I do own them... What?..You are a nerd!) big bowl of popcorn.
I'm far more likely to sit through The Star Trek Wars , than the Star Wars Trek-- But THAT is a story for another time.
In a galaxy far far away..

Too bad I am such a sucker for the LOLs.

May The Fourth Be With You ,

Yup.I'm getting this post in Hella Early, I got stuffs to do.


Joye said...

Thanks for the laugh this morning!!! Started my day off just right!!! Star Wars, Star Trek, Spaceballs, they're all very familiar to this household too, LOL.

Anonymous said...

tabithakristine said...

I just read your bio--your little girl's name is adorable! I love it!

As for Star Wars, what's not to like?! The cheesy action shots, the cute baby bears with guns, the giant hairy dude who makes the ridiculous whoopee noises.

May the 4th be with you, fellow blogathon-er. :)

babyhellfire said...

Whoa! Man Flashback! Ewoks. Lest I forget he Ewoks. .. I totally had a MUCH beloved Ewok action figure, removable little hood and all.
I think he dated my C.U.T.I.E dolls

tabithakristine said...

haha, yeah pretty sure my Ewoks dated Barbie's pet dogs and/or minnie mouse figurines. Interesting love triangles, if you ask me. Evil-looking little critters, they were!
(yoda speak?)


Anonymous said...

Where can I get me one of those rastawookie shirts

babyhellfire said...

My brother got it for us for Xmas- I think he got it from walmart ,lol