Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Vlog and beach pics

It's Friday , Friday ,
Gotta get down on FRIDAY!...
um Sorry.

It feels like a good one,
and Rory slept 12 hours last night and hopefully (PLEASE PLEASE hope) broke her crap mood

(She was sooo overtired and fussy when I picked her up from school I gave her a soda , and threw her clothes and all into her kiddie pool.. Don't judge me.)

Things are going so smooth, My Friday Week in a minute (or minute from our week? ) vlog/vid thingy is even on time!! Aren't you proud?!

... even if I DIDN't have much more than a minute of footage to edit from the whole week.

You're judging me again aren't you?

Well, SINCE it is Friday ... and I have tons of awesome Thursday night tv shows to catch up on before I pick the kid up from school.

I'm just going to keep this short.. but,
I guess I will leave you with all the awesome pics the guys took out at the beach the other day.
It seems fitting to enjoy the pictures now, since it is raining cat& dogs today.

I would've went with them - sniffle-

Is that a Jellyfish?
Well, Never mind then.

I had to crop Steve's finger out of most pictures, at least I know he had a good grip on my waterproof cam.

Can you spot the helicopter?

I think it is funny how the only pics either of them got of the other standing up it is WAY down the beach at the end of the wave... but the bubble pic right before (as they went under the wave the other guy rode) may explain that.

Off to watch Community now



Flames said...

AWESOME photos! :D I wish you weren't clear across this damn state, I would love to hang out with you guys for a bit! *sniffle*

babyhellfire said...

Thanks !! ME too!!! :(

Anonymous said...

Awesome beach pics sweetie and love the vid. <3

LindaN said...

How cool waves-pics! hey! Now I wanna try lay (stand? are you crazy!? I wanna survive! *lol*) on a board and feel speed of going down!
P.s evil to show such when we had a week when temp dropped from 18 C to -3 C *lol*

babyhellfire said...

Thanks!!! LOL sorry Linda