Thursday, May 26, 2011

Antisocial people shouldn't blog

So.. there is the kid outside school eating her fruit by the foot,.. she couldn't get any kid to play in the grass with her today, So she just ate her leftover lunch , before we rode the bike home.
Ri wasn't feeling tooo great so he called in to WD- and he slept ALL DAY. He has been begging them to schedule him less each week but the keep scheduling him for 3 or 4 days, I am surprised he hadn't called in sooner just to sleep.

The blogathon is finally coming close to an end, though I have enjoyed a lot of it-
I realized today why I don't like to blog every day.. I write a lot about my moods, or whats going on in my day.. and some days I just don't want to share.
My mood today was beyond negative.
Between Ri's knocked out grumpy comatose state, Rory's demanding behavior lately,
and just my post social anxiety sprouting .. I was just damn angry.
and sad, and self loathing and in a very dark mental place.
I know it will pass. I just don't feel like sharing all of that all the time.

So- I youtubed the day away.
Tripped upon Garfunkel And Oates ( I have loved both of them as actresses had no idea they were a comedy type band )

Tomorrow is Friday, and if I can convince myself to take any vid for the week, and edit it I should be back, with the Friday vlog.


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