Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Theme post : Top five places to write

For today's blogathon I am encouraged to tell you my five favorite places to write...

1-5 Right here, on this keyboard ,at this desk.

I mean, I guess I have written myself little notes on subject matter whenever the mood struck as quickly as I could find a tool to write it.
.. and sure, when we have traveled I have written from a laptop all over, and that was doable.
At this desk with my computer set up -just so- is my favorite, and pretty much my only.

I'm weird.
I mean. I AM a blogger (aren't I?) , so I write stuff,
but I still don't really consider myself a writer.
I type stuff out , I guess that is writing..
but I don't even really have a favorite place to write unless on my computer counts..
I don't know that I write so much as I share word vomit about my life, and pictures/videos via the internets.. I internet socialize.It isn't really the same.

I don't even remember the last time pen touched paper short of writing a grocery list. (and even that Ri is trying to get me to convert to texting the grocery list out on the iphone)

I used to journal once , way back when I was an angsty freak pre-emo gothish teen.
Back then I used to sneak out and sit on top of the AC unit , or way out in the fernery behind our house and just write , in a big medical ledger that I had converted to a journal... I wrote constantly; until I passed out, and as soon as I woke up again. Poetry, dreams , rambles, rants, thoughts, some doodles
Back then, I could have probably made multiple lists of my favorite places to scribble of the hardships of my young adult life .

I still have that journal.
I should probably burn it now that the kid can read.

I should probably go back to writing like that.

.. but there are a long list of things I should probably do ,that I probably won't.

Heck, I am still amazed I stuck to a blogathon theme.
I'm going to put an imaginary gold star on today's imaginary journal entry.

All that said.. Quick update-
Today, was better than expected all around. Helping in Rory's class was a little crazy ( those kids are DONE with the whole school thing , I think) .
Parent teacher conference when worlds better than I had hoped, kid is doing amazingly.. if anything bordering into the dangerous territory of boredom.
I'll tell you all about it another time, in another post.

For now,
... I am going to go find paper, and a nice pen. This post made me feel all sorts of guilty.

and reminiscent, I wonder if I have enough black eyeliner to do my make up......................


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Joye said...

I loved this blog. It really made me start thinking about my favorite places to write, :) Usually it's right here at this kitchen table on the laptop, but then when it is nice and warm outdoors I enjoying sitting on my back porch enjoying the beauty of the day/night laptop at that table, writing away,:) My journals (when I keep them) are written all kinds of everywhere, :)

Thanks so much for the amazing blog!!!