Thursday, May 5, 2011

Over the weather, and under the hump day

So , Mom picked me up bright and early yesterday, to take my sicky kid to the dr..
She still hasn't/hadn't run a fever since Sunday- but she DID have a cough that kept her up late Tuesday, and with the rash of Strep throat in her class I was paranoid.

I guess it was good timing though, as the Dr came in with her entire laptop and went over her entire medical history with me (saying she was updating their records and just happened to be on her file).

They said she didn't have strep,
but she did have an ear infection ,
chest congestion (Possibly bronchitis, and she seemed concerned it might be asthma)
and her nasal passage looked irritated like the start of a sinus infection..

They showed me how to give her a breathing treatment with a nubulizer- and sent me and mom off to the pharmacy to get a nebulizer of Rory's own (and a HUGE supply of the meds ,and TONS of parts) ,
a healthy dose of antibiotics,
and nasal spray.

Her Ped is usually very much a wait and see type dr (WHICH I LOVE)
, and Rory has hardly ever been on any sort of medication, so it was all quite new to us.

The cute little town pharm place gave Rory a kiddie penguin shaped nebulizer machine, and they we super helpful and quick, makes me hat going to the big super center Pharmas even more to see the difference. Plus, Mom ran into Dad's cousin and had a nice convo while we waited.

I decided we may as well stop by Ri's mom's while we were in town and Rory was feeling well. She loaded Rory down with Littlest Pet Shops (the older ones with the magnets she loves) she had found thrift storing. Between both of her Grandma's, Rory is SO spoiled!

We went to Lissy house next, Lissy wanted to ride with mom back to St.auggy for some thrift shopping
Nico has a new passion of wearing ties EVERY DAY all the time. That's how the REAL men get ready to go places. (Rory even wore a stripy collared shirt JUST because she knew nico would probably be wearing one too)
Which was also why Lissy wanted to go thrift shopping, she was in search of gently used boys dress shirts to go with his growing tie collection.
I love my nerdy lil nephew, he is so awesome.

Thrift store was sort of overwhelming,but
Mom bought us some books ,I found some really awesome children's books and a couple of books that might be interesting for me.

I am SUPER beyond thankful she drove us all the way out there soo freakishly early in the morning. I owe her huge. I always do. Good thing her birthday AND mothers day is coming up ,, or maybe bad if I can't think of the perfect awesome thing for her- like yesterday.

Our friends Jess &Steve FINALLY got bikes, and stopped in the other day- they rode over the bridge and everything! - I am soo looking forward to summer when hopefully we can get more of a chance to all go out on rides together..
though in this Florida heat the thought seems a bit CRAZY!

Ri's had the last couple of days off, from one place- or the other (or both amazingly), but He is back to the 2 job grind tonight, and with Rory back in class it looks like we all are.
Oh ,there will be fighting for the bed.....

... I think I'll go nap in Rory's bed.

Oh !
Since it is cinco de mayo ,
and since I am lazy and HATE posting real recipes.

Here is how Rory eats her Burritos (which is the ONLY thing she has consumed all week besides mac&cheese and tomato soup) -
I give her everything all separate and let her mix as she chooses, and she only recently started putting it together.

or taco shell,
beans (not too spicy - but it really doesn't matter what kind , she loves black most of all though )
half an avocado ,
lettuce, or fresh baby spinach, or whatever green/purple leafy thing I have on hand
black olives if we feel fancy
LOADS of cheese- preferably sharp cheddar,
and that's it! "Salsa is gross"

She threw a tantrum this morning because none of her clothes are Monster Highish enough for class picture day. It's been that sorta time, I thought I had awhile longer.

On that note.
I'm Gonna go squeeze in a shower then wake Ri up and send him off to work.


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Joye said...

You're doing a fantastic blogging job!!! I'm lovin' all this!!!

Nico and Rory are just too adorable!!!