Monday, May 9, 2011

Babyhellfire has a migraine

Hi. How are ya?
I've been sort of busy. We are back into the weekly grind. And Grind it is. Looks like Tomorrow and Wednesday are going to be very busy ,very busy.
Today was super busy too.. if super busy counts me sitting here on the computer NOT writing a blogpost , and instead just listening to Kevin Smith's new radio station...
I mean, I was like being productive and stuff.
Hey. Don't judge me, I did wash and run the dog today, that is a huge feat.

And DID edit those beach/surf pics for you. The guys got some good ones

(this is what it would look like if I ever got the courage to try to stand. )

They also got some funny video that I will have to add to the Friday vlog.

Our local best friends (Jess & Steve) are trying to quit smoking, we've been taking a lot of bike rides and beach trips with them to keep them busy. We even bought a little grill and had a huge cookout the other night with them after riding our bikes all day.

I am so tired right now though, Rory seemed to have pulled a muscle on all the riding or maybe doing that trick at the playground... or maybe it is growing pains, (she is suddenly growing in HUGE spurts.) either way, She kept me up most the night massaging her leg.

Shome how she still woke up bright-eyed this morning, all because she managed to catch a ladybug before bed and was THRILLED to get to bring it into class. I feel bad for the poor captured critter.
I knew it would be a long afternoon if she saved all her sleepiness for me.

Ri has a running deal with her though, she can earn a new doll if she goes a week without the afternoon tantrum at the parent pickup line.. I'll tell you if such a week ever occurs... Right now the parents that only see her at the end of the day all thing she is a grumpy torture little monster.

It's been a long night. Tommorrow, I get to help in her classroom - and Wednesday she has a dr appointment (way out in the middle of nowhere) after school .
Nap, please?

Ugh, I am gonna run and help Ri get ready for the graveyard shift, and make the lunch that Rory probably won't eat.

Maybe even figure out what on earth I will blog tomorrow.. and when.
...More likely I'll play wordswithfreinds until I pass out.
So, forgive me in advance If I post one picture and a sentence.


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Joye said...

Adored those beach pics tonight!!! I so miss the beach...I so want to be sitting on the beach...ahhhhh

I hear ya on that busy week ahead, I've got one of those myself, :( We'll get through this week, I swear, :)