Friday, May 13, 2011

“Vanity is my favourite sin.”

YAY! Blogger is working again!
This was meant to be Thursday's post -
as Yesterday would've been the 2nd year I have went without brushing my hair.

So count the following as Thursday's post.. and I'll be back later with my Friday vlog:

Let us talk about hair.
My hair specifically. My hair is rather odd.
It is locked, matted tangled, dreaded , twisted--- whatever you'd prefer.
A few answers.

  • I did it because I wanted to. My hair was damaged, and so irritatingly tangley, I was so sensitive to products and crap on my skin that I had switched to not using shampoo and using baking soda and vinegar to wash my hair more naturally - which helped for a very long time , but then my hair adjusted a final time and just seemed to want to thin out, split and dry up more . It came down to cut, or give up on the tangles.. I had seen some white women with gorgeous dreadlocks, and decided I would try
  • I'm not actually a huge Bob Marley fan. .. (he has some REALLY great songs, )

  • I do not smoke marijuana... I have really low blood pressure and would just pass out, thanks tho. I don't sell it either, so don't ask and/or thanks for the offer.
  • I am not Rastafarian ( though I know people who are ,and they seem very nice ) It is not my faith. I am Pastafarian at best . Pirate hair FTW

  • I do not wish to be black,nor am I racist , that part confuses me, but I just felt the need to clarify. Letting my hair do what it seemed to want to do ,didn't ever strike me as an act of emulating or taking away from another race in any form or another. Hair tangles, everyone's hair(some admittedly better than others) no culture owns that, and history shows us examples of plaiting and dreaded /matted hair for many many generations in all races.

  • I actually do wash my hair pretty regularly, it takes FOREVER to dry, (I do seem to wash it less in the winter because having freezing cold dripping hair a few days every week in the winter is a suckfest) .. I am actually probably, more careful with my hair than YOU are, I don't use many products or fragrances (and I am very particular about the ones I do use) they could/would leave film/gunk that would damage my hair , or build up inside the locks , because then it could become funky.

  • I didn't really have to do anything special to my hair to make it lock any more than anyone with a kinkier style of hair would.. though my hair was very straight and thin, it was also VERY VERY VERY prone to tangling (think of that thin wispy hair babies get before it falls out, My baby hair never fell out- I still have baby fine hair).

  • I did not use : Wax , honey,any sort of feces , clay , or any other sort of weird product slathered on my hair to make it stick. Unless you count the very occasional aloe , or salt water , and beach trips .. that for sure made it tangle faster.

  • I do occasionally use a teeny tiny crochet hook to pull loose hair in to the place I want it to go- (as my hair grows out I am finding myself doing it more). I do THAT MAYBE once a month, for the most part I do NOTHING with my hair..NOTHING. I used to brush my hair at least a dozen times a day, it feels wonderous not to

(that ticker probably won't update since I just uploaded it to make it work)

Day one :
I used the twist and rip method.. there are all sorts of methods to start

I went the cheaty way and twisted and pulled my hair into little frizz twisty sections(by myself , with no real forethought just letting it section the way it seemed to naturally),
I know some people who leave it alone and just wait , and others that perfectly section, rubber band off and backcomb it (I have a weird sensory issue about my hair being brushed backwards so i did not try that.)

For a good while, I hid my hair under hats, and scarfs, and all sorts of things.
I make a good hermit so it it wasn't a big deal.
Plus I leaned how to do head wraps , scarfs and such,,

Which was sort of a blessing

After a good few months, my hair started getting loopy and frizzy, then it got REALLY SHORT
.. I was not loving it.
So I found a baggy of hair Ri had saved to give to locks of love .. (he had grown his hair out for a second time -- after going on Maury to give to L.O.L that's another story.
.., and cut it when it started thinning)

Anyway, i found the hair and crocheted it into my hair
Which was an all day task , and at 1st made it freakishly long:

Then it shrunk up too..
at about a year I added a braid he had saved from when he went on Maury and cut his hair the 1st time (that thing took forever to lock in, his hair IS NOT as tangly as mine, it is stubborn.

1 year!!

Me and Rory made a vid

The coolest thing I have found is the many ways I played with my hair.
I spent YEARS with the exact same hair cut, at best changing the color or length slightly and RARELY wearing it up or doing anything with it
I can do curls that stay now

and buns
and big goofy 80s side parts
and wraps, and hair things..
I have done more WITH dreadlocked hair than I ever did with my hair straight, and I never expected that. I really thought having a hairstyle like this would just be a hairstyle I couldn't style..I actually style my hair when the mood strikes me now.
All I ever did before was angrily brush the tangles out and leave it flat.

Now my locks are finally growing.. or suddenly growing.
They spent so long shrinking up and changing that now it is almost dull to not constantly have to fuss over anything.. Just wait for them to grow.

and recently, I added some hair My mom gave me.
When I explained to her , that I had planned to perhaps dye a few of my locks blonde -she shuddered ( last time I bleached my hair- just the bangs - I lost big chunks from the damage)
BUT, she said she had kept HER hair when it had fallen out from the chemo, and weird as it was- it was PERFECT
My hair has been growing soo fast I could add it into the new baby hair parts I needed to make, and add to the ends of the shorter side ones (the hair on the back of my neck has always grown so much faster than around my ears)

and that's what I did.
..I know, I'm weird.
I have some of Rory's hair in there too.. and though not purposefully, I am SURE I have some of Noobie Dog's fur in there too

I still can't believe this picture fooled so many on April Fools
...and I can only hope to look that awesome with short hair one day..
but for now

I like the spider on my head

Some people love it, some people HATE it.
Rory has asked if I will go back to having my hair "downer"
and Ri has asked when I plan to cut it "for real" ( He would love a pixie cut on me)
I think I originally said I would when I lost weight.. at this rate I have only gained weight, so never.
Maybe I'll be old and gray.

I like it, plus I remember my struggles with maintaining normal hair all too freshly. The constant splitting and trimming for the splitting, the constant sometimes painful brushing, the frizzy bad days,
the greasy oily days,
... I even used to get made fun of for my hair in school.

I guess this has helped me embrace that part of me. I don't have Thick nice hair that can be treated or mistreated and recover.. and I never will.
I have dreadlocks, that have allowed me to love my hair the way it is, for the strength it has tangly ,thin, sometimes dry,sometimes frizzy, sometimes curly, sometimes stick straight


That was an incredibly vain post about a lame subject.
Do you hate me yet?

If you do have any questions, or feel like I left anything out let me know in the comments below :)



Joye said...

Ah, so this is the story of the dreads, :) Love it!!! And you pull them off so well!!!

I still laugh about that April Fool's joke!!! You so got me on that one!!!

MissC said...

Awesome look & story behind it <3 it!!
Beautiful either way! I can't believe people really come to some of those conclusions by just your hair, WOW, i def learned something ;)

LindaN said...

I love it and think that just wanting to have dreads just for look, no deaper thoughts, is good enough.
Considered getting it myself just because it looks cool but suspect i wouldn't look good in it but for thin, i could use it..sure has babyhear..