Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hurry up and wait

That's right people, another quick photo post, instead of a bloggy blog..
I told you the loonng weekend was mine..

So anyway, this is how the kid looked the morning- before we left on our van testing out/shopping trip.
..then she found these shoes
..and this bicycle (which is a little big for her but the 16 was too small.)

.. Then my folks stopped in and took the truck out of our driveway.. much needed since Reggae Sunday brought with it streets filled with drunk hoodlums

..and me and Jess left the kid with guys FOR ONCE- and went on a bike ride all over town

and managed to fit a good deed in.. When we brought a lost dog home, Dog chased us down the road a bit, it was pretty cute- until we couldn't get him to go home so we called his owner.

Now, I am gonna go make and iced coffee and hang out with some friends. you're lucky you got that much out of me.

1 comment: said...

Those are great pics sweetie!! I always love to to hear what you're up to. Thank you for sharing your family. <3