Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It is so much easier to fudge things up when you are trying so hard not to

This picture captures the mood of my whole day. I went to take a nice picture, and right as the cam snapped a bug flew in my eye.
and I never did get a single decent picture of the wild parrots that were hanging out RIGHT in the yard.

Today , I seem to have developed the ability to fudge things up - and the harder I try to good, better , simpler.. the more fudgy and complicated it all gets.

Actually, that happens to me a lot. .. I am the sort of clumsy person that goes out of the way to move her cart at the grocery store, for you to come down the aisle too,
only to carefully maneuver my cart directly in front of that brand of pasta sauce that made you come down the aisle in the 1st place.

The harder I try to help, be easy,or be simple- the more complicated things become. It's a gift.

Ri seems to have similar sort of karmic yuck today- last night the buddy he carpools with had car trouble, AND the tag expired on the truck my sis is letting us borrow and she has had trouble trying to fix it.
. Ri ended up calling Steve over to drive him to work. .. AND Then to top it off he spent this morning at the dmv trying unsuccessfully to sort out the title for the van our friend is giving us ( dude. how awesome we are being GIVEN a vehicle? How amazing are our friends?) Still waiting on that to pan out though. ugh. Until the van is in our driveway we shall pretend it no longer exists and not speak of it again.
And people wonder why I don't want a license.
I hate cars.

I took the kid to school,
slept all day and had stupid anxiety feeling dreams I don't remember.

Woke up and decided to run to the school early to give blood. I thought I was there extra early, and that I would have time to chill and regain compossure by the time the bell rang and Rory was being let out of school..

.. but apparently a lot of the other Moms thought the same. So there I am in the blood mobile right in front of the school when the bell rings - I hadn't even finished the iron test!
I ended up frantically texting another mom to pick up my kid for me. I could SEE my kid ! Lol. Oh well, Rory got to spend a good extra hour playing with her classmates.

.. Maybe longer, Especially since I almost passed out as they sucked me dry...
So , I sat drinking orange juice watching Rory play on the grass with some other kids waiting to regain enough composure to ride home. (remember I had planned/hoped to be out of there a bit sooner and have a longer wait before the bike ride home.).. LOL the people from the blood mobile even sent another mom out to make sure I didn't live far. " no, but I'm gonna stay right here for awhile "

...Try to do a nice thing.

We did make it safely home on the bike, despite me short a pint of blood, AND the firemen opening a fire hydrant directly in our route.

At least Rory was in a fairly good mood after getting to play with her friends so long .( Thank goodness for Rory's classmates awesome mom's. )

Rory also spent some time at the neighborgirl's house - AND finished her journal entry, in which she decided to write "I love my mommy. My mommy is sweet , My mommy is cute"
she also made this last week in an in school field trip brought it home

Ri slept all evening and just left, a bit grumpily for work.
and now the dog seems to have a loudly upset tummy (she is eating though so I am going to assume she is ok)

ugh.I think I will run away to the land of bad tv and escape this day.



Joye said...

I saw a bit of myself in this blog, :)

Hope you're back on your feet fully now!!!

Anonymous said...

I have those kind of days often. Done, done, and on to the next one. lol Loved the post sweetie, and next time get the pic of the birds ...bug or no bug. <3

Corey said...

I seem to have the same problem sometimes, you go out of your way to to ensure your plans yet it all goes to poo. Oh well, least it was a safe bike ride home after all. btw sweet looking plate art.

Sawyer said...

I was in stitches. How funny it all is when it happens to other people...

Great post. (Aren't you glad to have a blog to let it all out?)


Ann said...

Awesome Post....but are you sure you weren't writing about me? I come from a long line of awkward, clumsy people. Take comfort - you're not alone!

babyhellfire said...

Thanks all!! I will def keep trying to keep a picture of the birds I have actually been trying for months, with no luck.
Thanks goodness for blogging for sure.
LOL Ann it is most certainly genetic