Monday, May 2, 2011

Of counterpoise

I've had too much balance lately.
I considered making today's post a confession post again, then I thought about how each confession came with an excuse,
Each dull moment has had a funny bit in it,
Each bad came with some good.

I'm all fair an balanced like fox news...
I do wish the table would tip a little further in my favor.

Ri has this theory that things can only be soo good before the other shoe drops.. Like it is a karmic rubber band being stretched with he good things- only to smack you in the face with the bad once the time comes.

Lately, I feel like my rubber band is on backwards it is stretched thin with bad, the good moments smack me in the face just enough to keep me waking up in the morning.

Or, keep me up late into the morning, participating in halarious internet memes that have me on my floor with a stuffed animal , a houseplant and a tiki mask
Houseplant Safari

That is a bad pic of me.. here is a good one to maintain the balance of things
(Expect a post about JUST my hair in the upcoming weeks. Going on 2 years of being a tangle haired white girl with dreadlocks.)
I got carded buying tobacco the other day. Not JUST carded- but this shocked look that reminded me I am all too close to 30.
She didn't see the houseplant safari picture.

Speaking of weighing balances, I weighed myself the other day ( I pretty much never do- believing that the number on the scale is not a good indicator of health - I try to go more by clothing size.) BUT, I checked the number anyway... I won't tell you the number but i will say, despite being far more active than I have been in years, the only other time I weighed this much I was pregnant. Not cool
and it bothered me.
it also bothered me that it bothered me. The number shouldn't bother me, my health, my activity level , How I feel should bother me
not my weight,
but it did .

That bike ride to Rory's school everyday and back. Some days I LOVE it, just getting up and GOING that mile there and back so early makes the whole day run a little smoother..
but other days, It is a NIGHTMARE.

And to add to the drama - I left the gate open AND the backdoor open one morning! So escaping Doggie Noobs took her shot and gallivanted around the street until we bribed her home with tuna. She stayed mostly in our direct neighbors yard, and came home pretty quickly- Couldn't even be mad at her because it was totally my fault...
that's what I get groggily jumping on a bike so early in the morning.

The afternoon ride to and fro has been far worse, so hot , and Rory has been in a super grump mood by the time school lets out.and hated seeing me there to pick her up on the trail-a-bike
( I don't know which of her classmates taught her to stomp to emphasize a point, but I hope to crap they get a different 1st grade teacher.)

So much 'tude that I started bribing her, she could get 50 cents for the day if she had a good school day including the bicycle ride home . Or, she could LOSE 50 cents from her savings... and she was VERY close to saving enough money for
This Doll:

Yeah, I felt bad negotiation with my kid for good behavior, but it worked. She eventually got JUST enough thanks to Easter money and other gifts - it took her almost 6 months. (and she changed her mind a few times over which toy she was getting LOL )

Then we had a nice chill morning turn to crap when Ri burnt my elbow leaving me with a huge painful blister.
So we went to the beach and had a wonderful time:

but then had to come home and deal with some family drama. That situation in itself is too off kilter to post.

Enough balance.
Can I have my good moments without the side of suckage ? Just a little?
Did i do something horrible in a past life?
I was a crooked lawyer or judge , wasn't I?

I have become really really, really painfully addicted to scrabble type word games on my phone.
Rory and Nico (the nephew) don't get it. Only because he can't read, and it is above her reading level(some of it is above mine , to be honest)

I'll sit in the same room with my friends playing our turns, talking trash, and yelling at each other for stealing spaces and
Ri will shoot me this look:

then I'll say something punny..

Word games put me in a very punny mood.
and then I'll spout off "SUCKS TO YOUR ASS-MAR!" at my friend Jess.
(I could make that picture roll it's eyes with photoshop... but I always think that is creepy , So I won't)

Lissy made the same face at me on Saturday. " I totally KILLED him with that word"... get it? I played Homicide on a TW spot? come on , that's a good word."
"Well ,

Yeah, I am losing it. Maybe I am more off balance than I thought.

Rory and Ri slept almost all of Sunday afternoon/evening.. Proving if you wish for quiet and solitude , you may get more than you bargained for.
I thought I would go stir crazy.

Ri did leave the house today- He went out surfing and grocery shopping,
and Rory is now feeling better enough to be completely stir crazy that she missed school.
-tsk , isn't that the way.

I could probably list such examples for days, but I am going to go clean the fridge before he stuffs it full of whatever he bought all hungry post surf session.



Joye said...

Day 2 down on your blogathon!!! Great job!!! Loved the post!!!

Tara said...

Welcome to the blogathon! Look forward to reading more.

babyhellfire said...

Thanks !!! :)

Anonymous said...

Love the post sweetie and the pics are sooo pretty!! I think I must have been a crappy person in a past life too but I don't seem to be doing much better in this. Thank you for sharing your family with us.You are awesome!! <3

Kate @ Teaching What Is Good said...

Hey - way to go on the Blogathon!! I'm really enjoying checking out all the different blogs. Balance - I sure could use more in my life! ;-D

babyhellfire said...

LOL! I say that all the time Starri.. I hope it isn't really true. But as hard as it is to get the breaks that seem so easy for others ... it just makes me really question it.

Thanks Kate! Mee too :)