Monday, May 30, 2011

How important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes and she-roes! ~Maya Angelou

Hope everyone had a good Memorial Day.

Rory has seemed a bit congested(and fingers really crossed it doesn't progress past that.. there are only 8 days of school left!!) but I think if anyone she had a good one.

The humidity was crazy here today. I had planned to go on a bike ride with Jess.. but we ended up waiting until later in the evening, midafternoon was TOO hot.

Jess had helped me all weekend to make a scrapbook page for her teacher (there is a bit of personal info on it I can't share here) -- but it turned out soo cute! I know there is no way I could have made something so awesome without her help. We finally finished it the other day- so we had time to just ride.

Rory got lucky while we were waiting for it to cool down ,and the neighbor kids came and invited her to go swimming at their house (they have one of those mini inflatable pools, Rory can touch the bottom in)
.. Which left me wondering around the house lonely, since Ri was at work too.. I ended up taking another go at scrubbing the tub...and watching the 1st season of Sons Of Anarchy.

When Rory came back we cleaned up the yard, practiced riding her bike.. it is still big for her -sigh- I doubt we could have afforded to buy her a 16 inch bike and then the 18 inch in another couple months, so we went for the 18 but learning on a larger bike isn't easy.

Then we called Jess over and went for a nice ride to the lighthouse playground (until we got hassled a bit by a bum) , and headed to the sno-cone place, to get a little blueberry sno-cone she had been begging for.

How spoiled is the kid??

I even made her perogies and broccoli when we got back..

Now , I once again have to battle the dishes, didn't I JUST do that last night?!

Hopefully with the long weekend drawing to a close I will find more time to BLOG ..
but if not, the blogathon is coming to a close, and I'll catch you when I catch you.



Joye said...

I've enjoyed your blogathon blogs, :)

babyhellfire said...

<3 thank soo much ! :)