Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I wish for...

I wish for Love, patience, happiness, peace, health,

....and one million dollars
and a box of chocolate, and a bag of Swedish fish,

and my old jeans to fit, and better skin,

and a 6 yr old that doesn't TEST me every afternoon - It is JUST a little homework not torture devices!( I wish for my neighbors to not hear me repeating the same thing over and over like a very angry homework loving parrot.)

I wish for more nice weather,

hubby to get a break,and a functional means of transportation,

The kid to not tantrum the second she is hungry or tired,

I wish for time to pass quicker AND slower

(did I say that one already?)

I wish for more days in Rory's class , I wish she would slow down how fast she was growing, but wouldn't quit amazing me with her progress,

I wish she wouldn't have inherited so much of my peacemaker attitude (when it comes to her classmates) , but I am thankful for it sometimes.

I wish for more awesome evening bike rides , around our spectacular neighborhood with friends
like Jess (and Steve and Jay)
I wish I would've found the time to finish this blogpost earlier.. (made it in though! master of blogathon!) barely.

I wish for a shower, and sleep,

for dishes that wash themselves, and a pantry that refills on its own.

a maid.

and a chef.

A nap would be a start.

I think I need more dandelions.
and I am going to bed.



✩Molly✩ said...

excellent post. Sounds a lot better than the list of pet peeves I'm ready to relay, but feel like holding back... I know I need to scatter more sunshine and less rain clouds. xoxo-Red

Joye said...

I adored this blog!!! I wish for peace among people, and happiness for all, :) Thank you so much for the beautiful reminder of all the lovely things to wish and hope for!!! I needed this tonight!!!

Jan said...

Loved this post. Wishing for time to slow down is wise. I hear and feel your mama's heart, too.

Loved it.

babyhellfire said...

Aww , thank you all so much .

Ms Panda's Blog said...

I love your pictures - here and on your fairy tale blog. Sweet skills babyhellfire! What programs do you use?

babyhellfire said...

Sorry Ms Panda I thought I replied to you.. I guess it never went through. I used photoshop and created most of the fairytale blog myself.
These pics are from the instagram app on my iphone.