Saturday, May 21, 2011

Do I still need to do laundry if the world ends?

Oh. Hi. We've been busy with the rapture and all. Little big eyed creatures came down from the sky , and stuff.
That's totally how that works , right?
Something about flying naked people.
and looting.

Well. actually Rory and I cleaned her room all day. Ri had the day off , but he slept all day .. He gets to spend all night grocery shopping and filling up the new old van.
Oh.yeah. If you didn't see the Friday vlog,
we got a van!
The inside is TRASHED but the outside looks fairly decent.
...besides the back door being a different color than the rest.We'll get it cleaned up and it will be awesome.. heck, if Ri ever goes on a grocery run it will be worth its weight in gold.
and it is a heavy van.

So back on track. We did clean the kid's room AND organized all her tiny little toy collections
- and it stayed clean despite My sibs visiting with their babies .
Rory has been trapped in there the rest of the day
As much as she hates doing it she loves her room all organized. (Don't we all) Now I need to do that to pretty much the whole rest of the house.

My mom and sisters also came baring gifts, they bought me an end table and a lamp- How pimp is that?
, I shoulda got a picture but I haven't -lazysauce-
They even did my dishes! YES!
I still have loads to clean, but I guess it's not too rushed sine the rapture didn't seem to happen..

....Or maybe it did

..nah, I just like to photoshop myself into a zombie.
Next up , this picture into snakes head dreads madusa styleee
I think I'll go clean,
or watch Archer until I pass out,
Ya know, which ever


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