Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A small confession.

I have sleep issues.

(and also I love that instagr.am app)

With Ri working all night , and Rory having so much to do ,so bright and early... I find myself feeling like I have too much to do before I can sleep..and having a really hard time making my way to the bedroom.

Often, It is things I'm not even capable completing before morning, so in some weird self abusive way I keep myself up not doing it..(it's not like I could actually shampoo the carpet at 1am without waking everyone up)
So, I start wasting time on the internet., watching tv, listening to SIR! ,stalking your wall on the book of face.
You are SHOCKED right?!, totally shocking I know...

Lately, I've been spending A lot of time on the net... um
..entering sweepstakes.
I know, Like no one ever actually wins a new car, or a house,
and many are just trying to get your information to sell it to advertisers.
...but occasionally something happens.

and a package comes
With giant bowl size cups,

a big ( nicer than expected cooler ) bag
From a fancy italian chocolate company .
I pretty much never win things.

How many more chances should I take... am I more lucky now that I've won some little freaky odd something.. or was that the wealth of my luck?

Who can say, but I need to stay up and enter at least 100 more contests.

I don't feel too terribly lucky lately.. I guess entering a million sweepstakes at 2am is my attempt to seek out luck..
Maybe when I win the big cash prizes or the car/house/vacations I'll feel it.

For today, it has been a very long day that included a kid whose new mantra is "I'm hungry , but I don't want that" helping in her classroom..with a bunch of other kids who seemed to have developed annoying habits.. (and some cute funny ones too tbh)

melting, it's that hot,
and noticing the big stupid sty under my eye is getting bigger.

I think I'll feed the kid cereal and take a nap.


PS.. I am not paid to advertise for anyone I link. I wish.


JACLYN said...

Contests are such a fun hobby. I've been slacking this year, but last year I won myself an ipod touch(1 Click Prizes on facebook) and $1000 Gap gift card (Lucky Magazine) and won my dh an ipad(twitter contest). :)

Scott Parker said...

Great post!!!

babyhellfire said...

DUDE-Awesome! a 1000 gap gift card?! I would be in heaven

Thanks Scott :)

Anonymous said...

Oh No You're turning into me! lol I haven't entered a sweepstakes in years but i used too, and still stalk your fb page. Loved the post ..keep them coming!! <3

Joye said...

You crack me up, thanks for making me smile so early in the morning, LOL. I love the bowl size cup set!!!